Cozy and Warm Inside

Unlike the east coast, we are having a calm weekend.  It is cold outside, but not terribly so.

Friday, I spent the day finishing up all three of the Little Darling dresses I started on Thursday.  It took me well into the evening, but I was determined to get them finished.  They will go with the lilac and pink mohair, and the pink wool sweaters.  I still have to decide on a fabric for the white sweater.  Too many possibilities for that one.

01-21-16 018

01-20-16 925


I made a pot of tea (Orange Ginger Mint) on Saturday and got to work embroidering the lilac mohair sweater.  At first, the colors weren’t working out as I though they would, so I had to make some changes; I think I got them figured out.  Today I hope to get the left side of the sweater embroidered with a mirrored image of the right side, and maybe finish up the outfit.  We’ll see…

ginger mint tea 022

ginger mint tea 024

When I returned from my three weeks in Florida I found my begonias blooming and two of my orchids also in bloom.  My husband had also added a vase of tulips to the dining table.  I love to have flowers inside in the wintertime, don’t you?

begonias 038


orchids 033

begonias 039

tulips 025

Bye for now!  Hope everyone is staying cozy and warm!

12 thoughts on “Cozy and Warm Inside

  1. Catherine

    Hi Cindy!
    Today, it’s mild and sunny here! Cookie sleeps in the sunshine!
    Bravo for your beautiful creations, fabrics are superb!
    I love flowers too. All my orchids are blooming simultaneously!
    In my garden, tulips are already high, they are my favorite flowers!
    Your husband is very attentive!
    We are watching a documentary about Wyoming’s national parks! It’s great!
    Have a good day!
    Warm regards!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Catherine,
      It sounds like you had a wonderful Sunday. Congrats on having all of you orchids in bloom at the same time. I have a third that just opened its first bloom last night, light yellow. I cannot believe you have tulips in the garden already! Here they don’t bloom until April/May. Have a great week!

  2. Joy

    So, what brand of doll is Penny? She is adorable.
    My pet doggie was also named Penny. She was a Corgi mix and a great dog.
    Love your flowers. You certainly have a green thumb. My orchids never seem to bloom more than once. I’ve killed quite a few. In fact, since the other person who lives here knocked over the poor thing that I’ve been babying, a few days ago, it will be lucky to survive at all. 😦

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy,
      Penny is by Linda Macario, an Italian doll artist. You, too, had a dog named Penny, it’s a great name! Phal orchids don’t need a lot of care, only a good place. They like to be cool at night and the bay window is perfect for them. While I was gone for three weeks they only got watered one time, no problems. The burgundy orchid has a story. We found it on the road right at the foot of our driveway last March. Its pot was broken and the flowers were crushed (maybe run over), but the center looked okay (one leaf had frostbite). I took it in and repotted it in a yogurt container with holes punch in the bottom. This is the second time it has thanked me by blooming. My husband has also knocked over a pot of orchids.

  3. Claudia

    I resently came across your web site and just love your works of art. I enjoy seeing the work in progress, it gives me ideas for my slim line 18″ doll. The AG patterns are too large so I have to modify them to fit my slender doll. Your posts are very motivating and fun.

  4. Donna Depner

    I have been looking through your designs. They are so lovely. It inspires me to do more as I knit or crochet and give them to little girls I know. I grew up in orphanage so don’t recall playing with dolls. I recently bought pattern books but tend to change the designs as I go. Don’t know how to gauge n math. Wish you’d Give instructions on that. I use their doll to make them fit as I go. I love your sweater designs. They are so pretty. I no longer am working so use inexpensive yarns or from rummage sales. I’ll send few pictures as it will only let me send 1 at a time. Keep up the awesome work. Sent from my Windows Phone ________________________________

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Donna,
      That is so sweet of you to knit and crochet for girl’s dolls.
      Staci at Very Pink Knits on You Tube has tons of knitting videos. Here is one for changing gauge.

      And, one for checking gauge.

      Hope this helps.

  5. Pennie

    I so love what you share! Beautiful dolls, fabrics, yarns, and designs. Thanks for the video links. I will definitely watch those. Tulips are my favorite flowers also since I was born in Holland. Pennie

  6. Jeanne @ I Dream of Jeanne Marie

    HI Cindy,
    I so love seeing your doll dresses “in the works!” I think it’s so neat to see them all pinned to the board being blocked. I want to see if I guessed right for which sweater goes with which dress bodice…I think the peach sweater goes with the bodice on the right. The lavender sweater goes with the bodice on the left…(Love that fabric, by the wya), and the other bodice looks bigger so I’m guessing it’s for Talyssa? I’m wondering if the sweater laying in the front goes with that bodice? The dress I’m guessing is for Gina or Lucy maybe?
    It’s fun to wonder who will get what from you!
    You are such a neat knitter…so precise and just like your mention in your profile… a “perfectionist” at your craft! IT SHOWS and we love to see it!
    Thanks for sharing, Cindy…
    Oh, I loved your flowers too, but I’m a little jealous…I’m not too good with plants… :o(
    Blessings, Jeanne

  7. Cindy Rice Post author

    What? You’re not good with plants? I’ll never forget those photos of your gorgeous garden, all of the tomatoes and cucumbers! Orchids are easy, they like to be forgotten about.
    All of the knitting that I did while in Florida was for the Little Darlings. You got the lilac sweater matched up with the dress, the short pink mohair goes with the bodice on the right (did you say that?), the longer warm pink sweater goes with the longer bodice. The lilac dress and the white sweater are also for the Little Darlings. Thank you for your sweet comments, Jeanne!


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