The Last Set of Vintage Photos

Hope you’re not getting tired of these photos from the Volo Antique Mall.  If you are, sorry, you don’t have to read on, I understand.  But, for those of you who love to reminisce over vintage-y things here are the kitchen-y photos I took.  If you missed the last three posts they are here, here, and here.

volo antiques kitchen 596

I cannot imagine living with pink kitchen cabinets (much pinker in person) and in metal yet.  I wonder in what time period metal kitchen cabinets were popular.  Anyone know?

volo antiques kitchen 598

volo antiques kitchen 595

I am pretty sure that my aunt had these canisters in the 1970s.  Mushroom motifs are popular again.

volo antiques kitchen 528

These pieces reminded me of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

volo antiques kitchen 588

volo antiques kitchen 574

volo antiques kitchen 575

volo antiques kitchen 577

This double oven/stove must have been quite fancy in its heyday.  Look at all those knobs.

volo antiques kitchen 583

volo antiques kitchen 582

volo antiques kitchen 576

volo antiques kitchen 578

volo antiques kitchen 580

I would have LOVED these tiny little cups when I was little.  I remember being totally enamored by anything colorful.

volo antiques kitchen 581

Not kitchen-y, but quite a fancy booth!

volo antiques kitchen 592

And, lastly, my motto… just kidding.  I do love a (somewhat) clean house.

volo antiques kitchen 584

Now, I promise, that is it for my photos from the antique mall.

Bye for now!

12 thoughts on “The Last Set of Vintage Photos

  1. Pennie

    I love shopping in vintage stores and your photos are fun! Love that toaster!! I’d put that on my counter in a heartbeat!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Merry Beth,
      Thanks for letting us know about the pink metal cabinets. It sounds like they can last a long time. I imagine that they are easy to clean too.

  2. Joy

    I’ll go with Mary Beth. Definitely 50’s cabinets. So funny, but the handles on the pink cabinets are identical to those from my childhood 50’s kitchen. We had painted yellow wood cabinets. And tile only came in a few colors then. We had yellow tile with green accents. Bathroom pink tile with maroon. My aunt had the gray tile with maroon in their bathroom and yellow and maroon in the kitchen. Our current house, long since remodeled, had yellow and maroon in the kitchen and yellow and black in the bathroom. I’ve also seen the tile in a light blue, usually with pink. The last was not so bad, but I really hated the other tile. It was so ugly. That must be why I can remember it so vividly. We also had linoleum flooring in the kitchen. Installed by my grandfather. It was green.
    I have a coffee percolator like the one by the sink in your first photo. The aluminum canisters, definitely 50’s too. In fact, I think we have some in the garage brought home from my husband’s old cabin a few years ago. Think I could set up shop with all of the vintage items aka “Junk” in our garage.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy,
      It sounds like you have the beginnings of a booth in an antique mall! Thank you for sharing your memories from your childhood kitchens and bathrooms. It sounds like they liked to pair a dark neutral with a pastel tile. I remember my husband’s childhood bathroom had pink tile with dark brown tile. I’m not sure that I like pastel yellow and maroon together either. Thanks, Joy.

  3. Karen A

    Pic 1 – House I rented in early 70’s still had the cabinets but they were white. I lived near airport and on Natl Guard week end jets would touch and go practice. I would have to move dishes and glasses around so they did not rattle in cabinets. Also, in this picture there are Mel-mac pink, yellow and turquoises dishes in cabinet I grew up with in the 50’s
    Pic 2 – Silver rimmed glasses were a wedding present in late 60’s and the green and white cups matched my mother-in-laws dishes in late 60’s.
    Pic 3 – I still have the Ritz cracker square tin in my tin collection.
    Pic 4 – My grandmother had the large mushroom canister and used as a cookie jar in the 50’s,
    Pic 6-7 – Red utility stand in center of picture another wedding picture late 60’s.
    Pic 8 – Porcelain table back in corner was from the 40’s and would love to have one like it.
    This was fun reminiscing with you.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Karen,
      I just noticed those pink, yellow, and turquoise dishes. Those colors are great! I grew up with Melmac too. We had white with a rose decal in gold or yellow with blue, I think. I still have the divided Melmac light blue (was probably light turquoise) serving bowl that was a part of the set, love it. I enjoyed looking at my photos again to see the things you have, or grew up with. I am always amazed at how items can spark so many memories. Thanks for sharing, Karen.

  4. NikkiM

    I love the pink kitchen! At one stage my kitchen cupboards and the outside of our house was painted pink.
    You must remember I had 5 men in the house. I had to make a statement somewhere!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Nikki,
      I can see where you are coming from! Good for you! That’s a lot of testosterone in one house! I had pink Fiestaware dishes years ago, but I think that was the extent of using pink in or on the house. I dress my dolls in pink a lot, and love to wear the color pink. Thanks for sharing, Nikki.

  5. Jeanne @ I Dream of Jeanne Marie

    HI Cindy,
    I always enjoy looking at things from Antique Malls. I’m looking for a cabinet/dresser/island/buffet kind of piece for a new sewing table… and wanted to go today but my hubby has other ideas…a list of things he wants to do here at home… rats!
    I made a little mushroom jar at a ceramics class when I was little. It looked almost exactly like the ones in your picture. I think I finally took it to Goodwill a few years ago, but as soon as I saw yours I immediately thought of mine.
    I can’t imagine pink cabinets, but they look like they are in remarkably good condition… I bet in their day, in the 50’s, they were top of the line!
    Thanks for sharing your pictures.. I love to scrutinize all the pictures, and see what I can recognize as things we’ve had before… nothing like “dating” yourself, is there?
    Thanks Cindy,
    Blessings, Jeanne

  6. Cindy Rice Post author

    Hi Jeanne,
    Have you seen the sewing islands where a board of some sort is put on top of a few bookshelves placed at opposite corners? My sewing room is way too small for that, but it looks like a great idea. A vintage piece would be fun though. You’ll have to share photos when you find the perfect piece. I love looking at vintage things too. I’ll never forget the feeling I had last year when the vintage pieces at the antique mall were things that I grew up with, not things that my mom would have grown up with. I’m starting to be vintage too! Ha ha!


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