Daily Archives: October 11, 2016

“Blue Skies for Pumpkin Picking”

It’s that time again!  The pumpkin patches, farmers markets, and roadside stands are exploding with orange.  We had errands this weekend that took us along country roads and past a few pumpkin patches.  Since it was the most beautiful weekend, a bit crisp, with blue skies and bright sunshine, the pumpkin patches were bustling with activity.  It really was THE weekend for picking the perfect pumpkin, or two!



I have four colorways of this teensy tiny floral print fabric.  You can see the four versions I purchased in these photos here (second photo).  I used the pink/blue/yellow colorway twice already, but have yet to use the red and golden colorways.  Here  and here are the photos of the two outfits from the pink/blue/yellow colorway.  This is the first ensemble made with the blue colorway.




In my stash was the most perfect yarn for this fabric.  It is a heathered wool in the perfect pumpkin shade, and  as a bonus, the flecks are yellow which pick up the yellow blossoms in the dress beautifully.

The yarn was an easy pick, but I had the hardest time picking out blues that look nice on this sweater, and yet still coordinated with the print.  DMC doesn’t seem to have a lot of blue shades, especially in the clearer blues.  I had every one of my blues out and went through them once, twice, three times.  When I started embroidering I still wasn’t sure the two blues I chose would work, but they did.  I originally was going to do the stems and leaves in a darker blue like the shade on the print, but that color seemed very drab and dark.  The white brightens everything up.


Lucy wanted a little beret to go with her new set; whatever your little heart desires, my dear!  I changed my pattern a little on this one for a softer edge.  The little tri-colored pom pom makes Lucy smile and tickles her nose.



Lucy has picked a tiny pumpkin that she wants to bring home for her dollhouse and dollies. Her little sign is made with a bit of balsa wood, so is very lightweight, and includes a pumpkin-y looking bead charm.


“Blue Skies for Pumpkin Picking” will be available tonight (October 11, 2016) at 7:00 pm CST, cindyricedesigns.com.