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Winter is in Full Swing

Winter bullied its way in last weekend;  autumn is long gone by now.  We broke an early snow record last weekend, and we will be getting even more snow this weekend.  I know we’re not the only ones.  It’s been a dangerous week for multi vehicle accidents on the highways, and some places have almost two feet of snow already.  Yes, winter 2016 is proving to be a bully!

The day after Thanksgiving, two weeks ago now, we went to the local tree farm to pick and cut down our Christmas tree.  We have a couple of tree farms which are minutes from our house, but choose to drive a little bit farther.  This one is quite festive and busy.  I think it’s more fun to share this experience with many others.  I love seeing all of children and the dogs that come along.



These tractors take everyone on a fun ride around the farm and to the specific location that grows the type of tree you are looking for.  We always get a Fraser fir, the kind with the short, but soft needles.



Our chihuahua loves to come help us pick out our tree.  As we roll along on the trailer, he’s taking in the smells of the farm.



They have “zillions” of trees.  We found ours in a matter of minutes, a huge change from last year.


Thank goodness for husbands who don’t mind kneeling down on the ground and doing the dirty work.  (My husband also gets the honors of stringing the lights on the tree, bless his heart.)




Our tree gets wrapped in twine, then gets a good shake to remove any dead needles.  Afterwards they put a ticket on the tree and give us the other half.  The tree waits outside for us while we go into the barn for doughnuts, hot cocoa, and to shop.










My daughter got a little bag of doughnuts to bring home; I had a bite.  The hot cocoa was EXTREMELY sweet, but I did manage to drink a small cup. 🙂  We resisted purchasing anything . . . except the tree, of course.

The tree is all tied down on the roof of our car.  It’s ready to become a part of our home for the next couple of months.  (These trees drink a lot of water, but last well into January.)


My husband put together a little video of our visit to the tree farm.  I have it on my Facebook page.  Click here to see it, if you’d like.

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