Daily Archives: December 13, 2016

Why I Create

This is something I ponder often as I feel I am always so busy, busy, busy making things.  The answer I always think of first is, “because I have to”.  If I didn’t create I know I’d be loony, nuts, depressed—the whole shebang.  Creating is necessary for my well being.

If I start to dig deeper I can see why I have to create.  I get little jolts of happiness (maybe it’s my brain releasing endorphins) when I create something, especially if it’s something different.  When a doll ensemble is finished I usually get that happiness jolt.  I say usually because if I make something that is copied from a previous creation, I get nothing.  If it’s something that is not very different, I get very little.  But if my completed ensemble is quite different I get a huge dose of “happy”!

I haven’t even finished my next ensemble and I got a double dose of happiness yesterday.  I must share—a double dose of happiness just doesn’t happen everyday!  And here’s why.


Pockets!  I knit patch pockets right onto my sweater coat for the Little Darlings!  I have never knit pockets directly onto my knitwear before.  They came out perfect, so adorable and miniature, happy number one.  However, they were immediately asking to be filled.


Here is happy number two!

All this snow we’ve gotten has made me want to make a snowman.  Since I’m not too excited to spend more than a minute out in the cold, I made one in my studio instead.  And, she (it’s a girl) fits right into those patch pockets.


I swear I heard this tiny snowgirl thanking me for bringing her to life.  I love her so much, I knit her her very own itty bitty cap.  Isn’t she the cutest li’l thing!


Thank you for sharing in my happiness jolt.  Do any of you get a happiness boost from creating?  If so, is it during the process or when the project is complete?  I’d love to hear about your experiences with creating.  Please share!

Bye for now!