Daily Archives: December 11, 2016

More Snow and More

Another Sunday, another snowstorm!  We are 11 days into December, and this is the second weekend in a row that we’ve had snow!  Maybe all the snow will get used up in December and then January and February will be dry!!!  ???  !!!

The snow really IS beautiful, and if no traveling is required, the snow gently falling makes for a cozy day inside.  Last night it was snowing too.  I watched Mary Poppins and did some knitting in front of the fireplace.  Anyone else love Mary Poppins?


I am working on a sweater coat for the Little Darlings.  I hope it works . . . not sure I’m adding the right amount of increases to get the shape right.  If not, I’ll try again.  I haven’t made the dress that will go underneath the sweater coat yet as I want to see what length of bodice will work best.

I am going to use this fabric.  It is a very subtle snowflake design; I have just enough left.  The dress below was for Talyssa from 2014.  I am using the same yarn; I love the color!



I don’t want to make anything else that is too Christmasy.  Snowflake patterns can be worn throughout the winter, so I’m making a few of those now.  Unfortunately, I have quite a few Christmas prints that I never got to use this year.  I am set for next year.  I WILL NOT buy any Christmas prints in 2017!  Ha ha!


This was the snow falling last night, so silent and bright!


Today, more is piling up.

I filled up the bird feeder before the snow started last night, and the birds are happy.  I loaded up the platform with peanuts; those always go first.  The blue jays love those.  I forgot to put suet in the suet feeder, so the woodpecker is settling for seeds.  Do you see the mourning dove in the tree?  I don’t blame him (her) for hanging back.  Those blue jays can be mean.


As soon as the big birds leave, the sparrows flock to the platform one by one.


And then, whoosh, something scares them (probably me) and they’re gone.


Lucy and I had a photo shoot today.  It was quick and painless, she’s great.  Here’s a sneak peek.


I hope you all are having (or had) a great Sunday!

Thanks for stopping by!

Bye for now!

Oh, one more photo . . . I got this fabric months ago . . . see, I’m still dreaming of flowers.


It’s so pretty!