My Newest Pattern!

Yes, I did it!  I put my most requested sweater for the Little Darlings in pattern form.  And it’s ready for you to knit away on.  Now, your Little Darling can have a closetful of her very own “light as a feather” cardigans.

When I was taking commissions this was the sweater everyone wanted.  It is knit with mohair/silk lace weight yarn, and is as “light as a feather”.  It is oh, so pretty, and is still one of my favorites as well.

My pattern gives you a total of nine different variations.  You can choose three sweater lengths:  cropped, mid, longer (for a slightly dropped waist bodice).  There are three different sleeve lengths:  short, elbow, long.  The pattern includes some shaping in the body so that the sweater covers the beginning bit of a gathered skirt.  It looks equally nice unbuttoned or buttoned.

The neckline edging and hemlines are all in garter stitch.  Like my previous patterns, the entire sweater is knit in one piece with very minimal finishing.

Here are just a few past photos of sweaters I’ve made using this pattern.  Please note that some of them have ribbed edgings.


Long sleeve-cropped length


Long sleeve-mid length

pink 'n plum sweetie 410

Short sleeve-longest length

a vision in pink 290

Elbow sleeve-longest length

snowmen and candy canes 439

Elbow sleeve-longest length

If you’d like to see more examples (I’ve made LOTS!) of sweaters made with this pattern head on over to my Little Darlings Flickr album.

The sweater pattern is available for sale on Ravelry.

LD light cardigan pattern p1

I wish you all a very lovely day!  The sun is rising!  It looks like we’re in for the fourth straight day with some sunshine.  Yay!!!  It’s glorious!  (I won’t mention the temperature, it’s COLD today.)

Thank you for visiting!  Bye for now!

10 thoughts on “My Newest Pattern!

  1. Joy

    Just fabulous! May you sell many patterns.
    So happy for your sunshine. We however, have rain today! You know how I always complain about no snow in the Sierra, well, it appears that right now they have about 13ft. (Lower elevations) More than they have had in 22 years. Crazy. Little cabin is probably buried up to the eaves.

  2. Cindy Rice Post author

    Thank you, Joy. Surely you mean 13 inches, not feet??? I can’t imagine that much snow. Is that possible? Your poor little cabin; first the rain, and now the snow. Sorry you don’t have sunshine today; I hope tomorrow you do.

    1. Joy

      No, it is feet! Means digging down to find the door. Crazy. Cabin can take it. We, my parents, built it in 1962. Has been through many winters/floods. It flooded twice in 1962 and 63. Then my dad and uncle jacked it up and moved it back 18ft rolling it on logs to its current location further back from the river. Hasn’t gotten wet inside since due to the engineer brothers. They built forms for the new foundation and troughs for cement to be poured down the hill. (This was way before those trucks with the long tubes/booms and pumps.) My cousin who was 4 at the time and a friend and I helped hold back concrete to slow it as they poured it into the forms. She still remembers it. Lots of memories there. 🙂

      1. Cindy Rice Post author

        Wow! Your cabin is more than just a cabin, isn’t it? Now, I know why you mention it so often. Not only were your dad and uncle engineers (and strong), they were quite creative too. They figured out the perfect solution to keep the cabin safe for half a century! Thanks for sharing your cabin’s story, Joy.

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