Happy New Week Everyone!

As I’m sitting in my kitchen writing this blog post I see blue jays flying by, each with a peanut in their beak.  My husband filled the bird feeder this weekend.  I daresay they’ve practically cleaned out the peanuts . . . already.


Look at the shadows!  We have a sunny day!  I know it’s no big deal for some of you, but it’s only the third one since January 14th; and we’ve waited 9 days to see the sun this time.  It’s amazing what the sunshine can do for your spirits!

My weekend work consisted of knitting this cardigan.  I wanted to create a marled effect, and I think it worked out rather nicely.  I held together two strands of yarn throughout; it’s a bit fiddly to make sure you are getting both strands with each stitch.  I got used to the “feel” when made properly, so when I would forget a strand I would know right away and could correct it.


Knitwear is pretty messy right off the needles, aren’t they?  The sweater is blocking right now, and already looks neater.  I hope to get the dress sewn today.  (Ha ha!  Well, started at least.)  This ensemble will be for Gracie and Talyssa, Kaye Wiggs’s MSDs.

Yesterday my husband and I went to a dog show at the county fairgrounds.  I needed a happiness boost (after all the sunless days), and dogs do the trick for me.  When I saw the golden retrievers I got a little teary eyed though.  It’s been about 8 months since we lost our last girl, and I miss her still.


You can see goldens are quite popular; at least where I live.  They were all over the place at this show.  A lot of professional handlers were here and each had many of them in their care.


(Sorry, for the bad quality photos, iPhone and hand shakiness.)  My husband and I both picked number one out of this group of goldens.  They are all beautiful, but the winner had that extra something.


After watching the golden retrievers, we spent most of our time watching these teensy tiny cuties.


We are still new to Chihuahuas, so cannot pick out the winners as easily as we can the goldens.  The Chihuahuas are all equally perfect to me.  I’ll take them all!  Ha ha!  My guy wouldn’t be too happy with that arrangement.


We also watched the corgis go around the ring.  We both were wondering where their tails were.  I Googled it!  The Pembroke Welsh corgis are born without tails have their tails removed a few days after birth, and the Cardigan Welsh corgis have keep them.  (Thanks for the updated information, Judi!)  We also watched the huge mastiffs and St. Bernards (who could miss these two breeds!).  Oh my goodness, those breeds are huge!  I need to be able to pick up my dog, and these days my back says the lighter the better.

Oh, one more thing, this was in my inbox from Kelly at livelaughrowe.com this morning.  I printed out the February calendar and have it in my studio.  These words are so perfect for “now” and  something I want to read every day in February. ❤  I included the link in case you’d like to print one out too.

I hope you all have a wonderful and sunny week.  Thanks for visiting.  Bye for now!


6 thoughts on “Happy New Week Everyone!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi and thank you! The blue jays have eaten all the peanuts. By the end of the morning yesterday they were gone. I will have to add more today; they love them so much. I hope you are having a great day!

  1. Joy

    Our jays are forever stealing the sunflower seeds from the song birds or eating the leftover cat food before the cats come back to finish. Can see that ice on the lawn beyond. Burr..
    New vehicle we have has heated seats. Love them.
    Gracie and Talyssa are going to look so nice in the sweater and dress. The marled two tone is a lovely effect. You are so smart!
    And the pups. What fun. I’m with you and the little guys. If we should ever get another, it would be a small one.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy. It sounds like you don’t like blue jays? They are bullies, but their blue is so pretty. I’ve seen them land on our front porch and steal Meow Mix, too funny. They prefer peanuts though, they finished them up by the end of the morning yesterday. I should add more today. Yes, it’s icy cold again, but not too bad. We also had a dusting overnight. Besides the dreary days this January has been a-okay.
      Ah, heated seats, they are the best. My back has been bugging me and they act like a heating pad when I’m in the car.
      I got the bodice for Gracie’s dress cut out yesterday, that’s it! Hopefully today I will sew. I think the sweater will be perfect for the fabric. It blocked very nicely, and is so soft.
      What kind of doggie did you have? I don’t think I could ever live without a dog; they make me so happy.
      Have a great day, Joy?

  2. judith owen

    Cindy, I love the new sweater. I don’t know if I have the nerve to try it….yet.
    Regarding the Corgis, I raised and did show them in my earlier days. The Pembroke’s and Cardigans, both, are born with tails but the Pembroke’s tails are removed a few days after birth…
    We are in the dreary days here, no sun today.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Judi,
      Thanks for the info. on corgis. I corrected my post, silly me. I should have Googled longer, but thank you for correcting my mistake. Did you raise and show both? They’re adorable dogs. Our sunshine only lasted through the morning, but it was so nice while it lasted. I find it easier to work with lace weight yarn on smaller needles. Yes, it’s harder to see, but the needles bend a little and because the yarn is so fine it creates no stress on the hands, so I don’t feel any fatigue.


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