Gracie is Ready

Gracie is all dressed and ready to show you what I’ve just finished making for her.  Do you remember seeing the marled blue/ivory sweater I was working on last week?  Well, it was for this special girl.


I am very happy with how this little sweater turned out.  I tried something new by holding two different strands of lace yarn together.  I’ll admit that I was a bit worried that the embroidery would get lost in the two colors of yarn, but it worked out perfectly.  Since the yarn is busy, I kept the embroidery more monochromatic.

And here is Gracie is all her glory!  She loves her new ensemble!  It makes her feel like spring is right around the corner, and I do too.  (We even had a thunderstorm last night!)



I am still loving this fabric that I received about two years ago.  (It reminds me of my grandmother and her pillowcases.)  I got this particular design in all four colorways:  blue, yellow, violet, and red violet.  If you click on the colors you can go back and visit the other ensembles I made with this print.  The collection is designed by Eleanor Burns and it is called Zoey Christine.


sky blue wishes 189.jpg

Gracie’s new ensemble will fit both of Kaye’s MSD sized dolls although the dress will be slightly longer on the Mei Mei (Talyssa) body.  “Sky Blue Wishes” will be available tonight (February 7, 2016) at 7:00 pm CST,

Thanks for visiting with me today!

Have (or, I hope you are having) a great day!

10 thoughts on “Gracie is Ready

  1. Renee Adams

    Exquisite 🙂
    She looks adorable and that is such a perfectly scaled floral print on her dress. How sweer about your Grammy and her pillowcases! The sweater is perfection as always.

  2. Joy

    Such a sweetie. Gracie’s big brown eyes peeking out, surveying her lovely marled sweater and sky blue floral dress.
    Such a lovely sight to see on another rainy day. More flooding around here. Getting old.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      First of all, Joy, thank you for the valentine. It’s adorable and is my favorite style of illustration! You are so thoughtful and sweet. I will treasure it. I am SO sorry you have more rain. I thought CA hardly got any rain. Surely it has to end soon. It has been a very strange winter for us too. Our January felt like March or April. Don’t know what’s going on with Mother Nature.
      I hope today is sunny (I feel like I keep saying that…) Anyway, try to enjoy the day, Joy.

      1. Joy

        Rain supposed to clear a bit by Saturday which is good as we have to travel south of San Francisco for a cousin’s event. Picking up another cousin in SF. (Not a big family, just 4 cousins now.)
        Our poor Daphne is in bloom but haven’t been able to smell it at all because of the RAIN! 😦

      2. Cindy Rice Post author

        Hi Joy. I have never heard of a Daphne??? It must not like cold winters, none here. Hearing you mention your blooming tree makes me yearn for our lilacs. Rain, rain, go away, come again another day… far, far away!

  3. Catherine

    I love Gracie’s new ensemble! The fabric is beautiful!
    Here the snow has melted but it’s raining and it’s always cold!
    Spring is not here yet!
    I hope you and your family are well.
    Have a good afternoon!
    Best regards!

  4. Marian

    All of your ensembles are so well coordinated, but this one takes the prize. By the way I still have some of those old pillow cases, yes they were grandma’s, which I use to store quilts.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hello Marian and thank you! I wish I could coordinate my own clothing as easily as I coordinate what the dolls wear. (lol) Great idea to store quilts in the pillow cases. In my dreams I have extra time to make quilts; I love them… and boy do I have the fabric! Hope you are having a great day.


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