It Feels Like Monday

After a Tuesday holiday here in the U.S., and quite a few people off on Monday which made for a long weekend, this day after the Fourth of July feels like the beginning of a new week.  I think I will be mixed up until this next weekend has gone by, and it is truly Monday.  Are you the same?

I don’t know what it’s like in other areas of the U.S. around July 4th, but here it’s like the wild west.  All weekend long, it was sooo noisy.  Monday night, July 4th eve, was the worst.  Things were being shot off to the north, south, east, and west of our house.  We even found a wooden stick from something in our front yard.  It was impossible to fall asleep until it all stopped around midnight.  Thank goodness it even stopped.  No worries, I was up at the crack of dawn.  Ugh!

So, no early morning parade this year, way too tired.  We did manage to go to the fireworks display at night though, and were glad we did.  For some reason they seemed more awe inspiring this year.

Today, I will get back work on this month’s ensembles.  Usually, I do one at a time, then pick what and who is next.  This month, I planned everything out.  I’m not a planner, so this is probably a one time occurrence.  It does seem more productive though.

Here’s a photo of everyone that will be getting new outfits this month.

07-03-17 520

You can see Lucy’s outfit has the most progress on it.  Her dress is sewn, but no hand sewing has been completed, or snaps sewn on.  Her sweater is blocked, and ready for embroidery.  Gina’s pink cardigan is the last to be knit; it has been started, and I’m about halfway finished with it.  The other four cardigans have been blocked and look much neater than they do in the photo.

I hope you all have a great day today.  Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting with me, dear friends.

7 thoughts on “It Feels Like Monday

  1. Terrigirl2017

    Hey Cindy I am back at work today and it does feel like a Monday! But Friday will come so much faster. I am what you though, next Monday will be the real deal. Oh my gosh it was the same with us there was fireworks definitely going off until midnight. All the girls look so cozy together. Have a great day Cindy hugs Terri xoxo

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Terri. And, yes, it’s Friday already! I hope the end of this week was nice for you. Things quieted down here after July 4th was over, thank goodness. Have a great weekend! ❤

  2. Joy

    This is so exciting. Love the preview. Great photo too.
    We too had tons of, I might add, illegal, fireworks going off all night. We are in a high fire danger zone but some selfish idiots just don’t seem to care. In fact our whole city as well as most others in the county ban fireworks. Very scary and noisy. Pets I’m sure were not happy.
    Busy week ahead, or what’s left of it. Heading out to walk. 🙂

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Wow! It’s a serious issue in CA, I forgot about the fires that can start because of fireworks. That is really terrible that people still set them off by you, just terrible.
      I hope the rest of your week as gone well, Joy. I’ve been working like crazy to get all of the dresses made. I make these silly goals for myself, and it makes it “not fun”. Anyway, today I sew on 15 sets of snaps and hand sew 6 facings/openings. Then they’re mostly finished–won’t know about buttons/beads for the back and waistline ribbons until I get more into each outfit.
      Have a great weekend, Joy! ❤

  3. Wendy Marsh

    Another gorgeous selection Cindy. Happy creating. Can you tell me what ply are your yarns. Here in Australia we have 3 and 4 ply . I do have some very fine natural wool, about 1 to 2 ply that I purchased from a local woollen mill many years ago. The problem these days is that the ply is not on the label only the needle size. For someone who is not familiar with knitting, this can be misleading. I am always improvising . Have a great day.😚

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Wendy. We don’t really (or that I know of) talk about yarn weights with ply numbers here in the US. I use lace weight and the next size up, fingering weight, the most. Fingering is a tiny bit finer than sock yarn, I think. Ravelry’s standards are here:
      Your yarn sounds like it could be a fingering or light fingering weight. I usually use the same pattern for many different fingering yarns and #10 crochet threads. The sweaters will mostly show differences in length, but still okay. I even mistakenly used a 2.25 needle size for a pattern that I use a 2.0 needle for. The sweater came out a little roomier and longer. I made a dress with a drop waist bodice and the slightly larger sweater was a nice change from the usual fitted ones. And, then I have patterns for lace weight yarns and use many different lace yarns for those patterns. Hope this helps.

      1. Wendy Marsh

        Thanks Cindy, it does help. It becomes trial and error for me. So far I haven”t had too many mistakes.🌹

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