It’s Been a Co-o-o-ld Holiday Week

Oh boy, is it ever cold!  I miss going out for my daily walk so much!  I think my soul is suffering from the lack of fresh air and sunshine, but it’s just been way, way too cold.  This morning might be the worst yet—a minus 20 windchill!  And, I know some of you are lots worse off than that. *sigh*

Anyway, we’ve been hibernating and keeping busy inside with puzzles, games, crafty projects, cooking, eating, eating, eating (too much).

On Christmas Eve, I received an order of yarn for some “human makes” and a set of Hiyahiya interchangeable circular knitting needles.  My yarn and needle stash is all geared towards dolly makes (skinny yarn and skinny needles), so I took the plunge and ordered an entire set of larger needles and enough yarn for at least 6 human-sized projects.

yarn 3706

knitting needles 3708

Hiyahiya Sharps are my new favorite needles.  They ARE sharp and make it so much easier to execute K2togs, SSKs, and for knitting lace.  I’ve been using the 8-inch sharp steel DPNs for quite a few months now for my doll knitting and do not want to go back to my other basic tipped needles.  The 8-inch DPNs seem to be the perfect length for all of my dolly items.

knitting needles 3709

My set of interchangeables was a bit pricey, but if I purchased the needles separately I’d easily spend more than this.  And, I am enjoying knitting with them so much.

My daughter wanted a super bulky and cabled headband to keep her ears warm while walking to her classes.  I found the perfect pattern while perusing Ravelry.  Within one day I completed it!  Seriously, who knew knitting for humans could go so quickly.  I used 2 strands of Knit Picks bulky Swish merino, so soft.  The pattern is from Posh Patterns and is simply called the Cable Knit Headband.

cable knit headband 3715

beading necklaces 3723

On Thursday, my daughter wanted to make some delicate beaded necklaces.  I showed her how to work with decorative bead cord which has the flexible needle integrated into one end, bead tips to hide the knots, and my jewelry tools to add jump rings and clasps.  She had so much fun—she made 5 necklaces.  It makes my heart sing to see her make things. ❤

beaded necklaces 3726

Here are a few more photos from the Pabst Mansion when we visited last week.  In case you missed those posts and would like to see the other photos you can find them here and here.

conservatory 3669

The conservatory is a smallish room that faces south and east.  It was chilly the night we visited, but I cannot help but think about how COLD it is in here today!  On warmer days, though, what a wonderful place to enjoy breakfast.

conservatory 3671

The walls and floor and all tiled with very old looking ceramic tiles.  I think the designer decorated it for Christmas very prettily.

conservatory 3670

The phone room is so tiny and cozy.  It’s located on the first floor off of the staircase area.  There is a door to close for those private conversations they must have had.

telephone 3643

I haven’t been doing any dolly creating this week, and I really haven’t spent any time at all in my sewing room.  I’ll go in to get something and that’s the extent of it.  We all need a break from “work”, don’t we?

So, that’s some of the recent news from COLD Illinois.  I hope you, too, are staying warm if you are in the frigid zone.

Thanks so much for visiting with me today, and for your support all through 2017, my friends.

❤ ❤ ❤






6 thoughts on “It’s Been a Co-o-o-ld Holiday Week

  1. Joy Rose

    Wow, what great needles and accessories. Those little Panda end caps/aka stoppers are so fun. And the yarn looks wonderful. Are you still making socks? That headband is beautiful. Now, this will definitely date me, but I had a similar one in the mid 60’s/70’s. Wore it skiing. Hated the hat thing. And those cute beaded necklaces bring back memories too. So petite. I think I still have a few and definitely pukka shells. I remember making rings from beads that size too.
    The conservatory designer certainly came up with some beautiful things with which to decorate. Just such a lovely winter scene.
    How are those kitties doing in all of the cold?
    Keep toasty.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Joy. We just got finished making things easier for Morris. The poor thing was in pain this morning. We ran out to get a heated animal pad; luckily it was in stock locally. His house was -10 this morning, so not doing any good at all. Right now he is resting on the south (sunny) side of the house on the pad. One thing about him is that he recognizes good things immediately. He was on it within 5 minutes of us putting it in place. Tonight we will put it underneath his house and see what that does. We haven’t seen Miss Feral yet today. She’s got her “spot” and doesn’t seem to suffer from the cold.
      I’ve made two socks–only two singles for samples. I still think I need to go up in size a little, they are a bit too snug across ankle to heel, but I am ready to begin a pair. I have yarn to make two pair.
      I always hated hats too. Hoods were fine though.
      Maybe someday you’ll get to teach your grandkids a craft. It’s so rewarding to spread our knowledge to the younger generation.
      Hope you’re enjoying your day.

  2. Terrigirl2017

    Hi Cindy , happy new year to you Dear!! I have enjoyed your blog this past months and looking forward to your future posts! We have had similar temps to you. -15 today and -22 windchill, brrr… I love the hiya hiya kit, 13 sets is good to have. What a great idea from your daughter to have you knit her a headband. It is gorgeous Cindy and I am sure the merino feels so cosy on! Its so nice your daughter wanted to make some beaded necklaces . They look so nice on her , and to have the Mother daughter time will be something you both look back at as she goes back to college. The pabst mansion looks so lovely , a must whenever I get to Milwaukee. We all need a little break and to refresh , Say hello to all the girls , I hope they are doing good. Take care Cindy, with love, Terri xo.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Happy New Year to you, Terri! I hope it’s a great 2018 for you and your family. I cannot believe how cold it’s been so early in the season. New Year’s Day was the 2nd coldest on record! Negative 21 windchill again this morning. Ugh!

      At least the sun is shining, that helps. Thank you for stopping by. Stay warm!

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