“Love-ly and Sweet”

I just set a record… for the longest doll ensemble-in-progress.  There are actually two ensembles, and the second isn’t finished yet, so that one will break this record!  BTW, I started working on these two ensembles shortly after Thanksgiving!  Crazy!

So, without further ado, here is Gina modeling “Love-ly and Sweet” for you.

love-ly and sweet 475

 Luckily, I had the foresight to predict (ha ha) the frigid temps, so she is cozied up in lots of miniature knitwear, and of course, a pair of tights.

love-ly and sweet 519

The capelet was made from my “Eyelet Capelet” pattern, but I used two-strands of lace weight yarn held together instead of one-strand of fingering weight yarn for a marled effect.  One thing to remember about holding two-strands together is that the colors will mix, so in this case the natural color mixes with the pink to lighten it.

love-ly and sweet 470

I didn’t mirror the embroidery.  I wanted it to appear casual and loose—like the blossoms simply fell in place.

love-ly and sweet 516

Gina throws one end of the scarf across her shoulder and slides on her fingerless mitts.  Mom carefully ties her cuddle cap in the perfect side bow.  Gina grabs her little crocheted drawstring bag (tiny hanky inside) just in case she finds a new treasure.  Then, she’s off—wonder where she’ll go today.

love-ly and sweet 509

love-ly and sweet 498

love-ly and sweet 481

“Love-ly and Sweet” is a one-of-a-kind ensemble.  It will be available for sale tonight (January 17, 2018) at 7:00 pm CST, cindyricedesigns.com.


15 thoughts on ““Love-ly and Sweet”

      1. cristina cofaru

        Gina reminds me of a character in a wonderful novel, The Snowman, written by the Romanian writer Cezar Petrescu (1892-1961). In the novel, the character, a little girl, receives some new beautiful clothes made by her mother. The funny part is that the girl’s name is also Gina (Gina Zamora). Again, so beautiful!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      What a coincidence that is. I tried to find photos of this book by Cezar Petrescu, but sadly, could not. It sounds wonderful though. I LOVE children’s literature! Now that I know about it, I will keep my eyes open for anything about this author. Thank you for sharing, Cristina. ❤

      1. cristina cofaru

        Its Romanian title is Omul de zăpadă (The Snowman) and its plot is a bit similar with A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Unfortunately, there isn’t an English translation as far as I know. 😦 I read it last December and I think it’s a mesmerising Christmas book for both children and adults.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thank you, Joy! Lucy started out wearing this one, but Gina wore it a little cuter, so she got the honors. Today was the first of our “warming up” spell. It will continue through the weekend, so exciting. Hope you are having lovely weather.


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