Busy Bee Week

Hi there! ❤  How’s the new season treating you?  It’s day 3 of autumn over here in northern Illinois.  The weather has been bee-utiful!  Not one single complaint do I have!

After an early morning yoga class on Monday I did not feel like heading home.  It was a gorgeous day and I was very close to the Chicago Botanic Gardens.  We are a member, so parking is free and there is no entrance fee so why not stop by for a little while, right?  (BTW, I ended up staying for more than a little while)  It was great!

I took some photos to document the first day of fall 2019.  The roses in the Rose Garden were still blooming profusely and their scent was heavenly.

The only trees I noticed that had begun to change were in the Rose Garden.

2019 1st day fall 4584

2019 1st day fall 4585

Speaking of bee-utiful!  How about this busy bee!  He seemed to love the roses as much as I did.  There were ‘zillions’ of busy bees all over the many roses.

The hutch in the English Walled Garden has showcased grape hyacinths, geraniums, succulents, and now violas throughout the 2019 season.  These violas are definitely my favorites.  I love these tiny pansy-like blossoms so much.  The basic variety reseeds in my (neglected) garden each year.  I’d love to have all of these color combinations. *sigh*

2019 1st day fall 4591

Here are a few more photos I took at the gardens.  Still looks quite summery, right?

2019 1st day fall 4593

2019 1st day fall 4595

2019 1st day fall 4596

While there I had lunch outdoors and did some sock knitting too.  One of the specials that day was Mushroom (sorry, Terri) Leek Flatbread.  It was a treat and very yummy! I wish you all could have joined me!

mushroom leek flatbread

Yesterday I got Amelia Thimble’s Sweater Dress Extension pattern published.  It’s in my Ravelry shop.

Amelia Thimble sweater dress extension full skirt pattern p1

As I was writing my blog post on Monday morning I noticed how the sunrise hit some of the trees in the backyard.  They looked like they had begun turning color, but that’s the sunshine hitting them.  So enchanting!  I love early mornings.

2019 1st day of fall 971

Today wasn’t my most productive.  I had an appointment at the hospital which left me feeling quite tired afterwards.  Everything is fine, but it’s quite a long drive and just stressful in general going there.  I did manage to get this post written though. 🙂  And I am glad I did; it was so very nice visiting with you! ❤  Thank you for stopping by!

I’m hoping tomorrow is back to full steam ahead.

5 thoughts on “Busy Bee Week

  1. Joy

    Thank you so much for sharing the botanical garden pictures. Always enjoy them. The video of the bee landing on the lovely rose reminds me how much I enjoy the bee population and not the yellow jacket/wasp one. Tuesday, I walked out onto the deck after dinner, trying to cool down, with my binoculars trying to spot the bird making the lovely sounds. Just standing there, I felt a bite and brushed my leg. Was a nasty yellow jacket who got me for no apparent reason. He didn’t live to explain why. But, ever since, the bite site has been swelling. Never had such a reaction before. Perhaps it is the 100 degree plus heat we have been having. Today was supposed to be the last of it and lower temperatures for tomorrow. We will all be much happier. And other person had his phone out trying to get a picture of an orb web weaver spider at the other house this afternoon. I don’t think any of them turned out very well because the hot wind was moving the web so much. So much for nature.
    Glad your day is over and you can rest. Love the photo of the sunrise out the window. Magnificent. 🙂

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Oh, Joy, I am so sorry a yellow jacket stung you yesterday. They are NASTY!!! You were minding your own business too. Maybe the high temps are making them crazy. I hope the swelling has gone down some. I’m sure you took Benadryl too. The only time I’ve gotten stung is by two of them at once; I got near their nest which was in the ground. I remember it hurt a lot. I’m glad your day is over too, and that today is a much better one for you guys. Thanks for commenting, Joy. ❤

  2. Terrigirl2019

    Hi Cindy, I am happy you have no complaints with the new season! The mornings are getting dark and cooler though, but we have had sunshine during the day. Thanks for taking us to the botanic gardens again . The roses look beautiful and I can nearly smell their fragrance from here! Wow that sure is a busy bee , spoiled for choice with all the roses available. The grounds are so pretty , I can see why you are members. Aww I would have loved to join you Cindy but would have told them , hold the mushrooms . I am sure it would be very tasty that way , hehe! That is a lovely picture of your backyard with the sun hitting the trees. I am glad you took it easy after your visit to the hospital and that everything is ok. It was so nice to visit with YOU! Happy Friday my Dear, Terri xo.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Terri. Yes, the mornings are getting darker. I kind of like it; it’s so cozy. I like to light a couple of candles while drinking my coffee. I find these little changes exhilarating.
      I wanted to bottle the lovely rose fragrances. They were all slightly different. Would it be wonderful to be able to ‘save’ wonderful smells?
      You would have been very welcome walking around the gardens and having lunch with me!
      I hope you are enjoying the day today. I snuck a walk in early this morning before the rain came. Now it is dreary and dark. Time to light some candles and turn on the fairy lights. ❤

      1. Terrigirl2019

        That is a great idea lighting a candle in the morning Cindy! There are many wonderful fall scented candles right now too. I would love to save wonderful smells, agreed! Aww if I’m ever in that area I will let you know Cindy. It was dark and dreary here earlier in the day, right now we have sunshine as it is about to set ! Happy Friday , Terri xo.

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