It’s Festive and Getting Festiv-er

Hello my friends!  How are you?  I hope you you are well–and calm–and enjoying the holiday season.  My intention this year is to live in the moment and enjoy each and every day leading up to Christmas.  So far so good.

Yesterday I went shopping and didn’t leave my little town.  I usually drive for 20 minutes or more to go shopping.  This was mere minutes to each destination.  It was kind of fun.  I went to the local health food store to pick up healthy chocolates (if there is such a thing!) for gifting.  Next, I stopped at a gift store and found a couple of cute ornaments to slide in a box with Christmas cards.  It was a little busy in the shop which made it feel warm and festive.  I needed a card so I went to Walgreens instead of driving 25 minutes to the Hallmark store.  Then I meandered through an antique mall… and purchased brand new wreath hangers.  Silly, I know, but it’s all I found that I ‘needed’.  Last, but not least, I stopped at the florist for a beautiful poinsettia and a bouquet of carnations.  I also picked up a few tiny charms and more ornaments.  By then it was almost 5:00 and closing time for most local shops, so I came home.  It was a very satisfying afternoon.

2019 living room 0922

2019 carnations 09292019 dining room 0926

2019 poinsettia 0924.jpg

We haven’t gotten out to get our real tree yet.  My daughter and I would be fine with this small artificial one, but my husband wants a large (and real) tree.  Hopefully, this weekend we will get out to the tree farm.  My back is ‘better enough’ to walk around the tree lot.  I am very thankful for that.  Our small artificial tree still needs ornaments, but it is decked out with the prettiest red, green, and white fairy lights.  Looking at this photo it does look a little sad, but in real life is fine…especially once there are ornaments on it.

2019 christmas tree 328

The Snow Village set up in the family room is hosting my Pukipuki Sugar.  She loves it here.  It is like a play village for her.

2019 pukipuki snow village 332

2019 snow village 338

2019 snow village 334

What have you been up to?  I’d love to hear your holiday season news!  Please share (if you’d like).

Sending you a holiday hug! ❤

9 thoughts on “It’s Festive and Getting Festiv-er

  1. Maria PERALDI

    Tes préparatifs sont déjà bien avancés et ta maison respire l’esprit de Noël !
    Quelle chance que d’avoir deux sapins. J’espère que tu pourras vite aller chercher le sapin véritable. Cela sent tellement bon.
    Nous aussi en France nous installons un arbre avec des boules et beaucoup de guirlandes. Chez moi du moins, pas de snow village mais nous installons une crèche. Cette année j’ai installé un crèche faite au crochet il y a 30 ans par ma grand-mère.
    Nous avons aussi des plantes comme poinsettia, amaryllis et jacinthes dans la maison à cette époque de l’année.
    Bonne fin de semaine!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Bonjour Maria. Merci de partager vos préparatifs de Noël. Votre arbre sonne comme il sera beau comme votre crèche aussi. J’en ai un petit qui appartenait à mes grands-parents. Les pièces sont usées, mais elles gardent beaucoup de merveilleux souvenirs. Et, mon grand-père a construit la grange en bois qui abrite les pièces!
      J’adore les amaryllis et les jacinthes pour l’intérieur en hiver aussi. Nous voyons beaucoup d’amaryllis dans les magasins, mais pas encore de jacinthes. Ceux-ci sont disponibles plus près du printemps avec les jonquilles et les tulipes.
      Profitez de ce 3ème dimanche de l’Avent! ❤
      Hello, Maria. Thank you for sharing your Christmas preparations. Your tree sounds like it will be lovely as your creche will be too. I have a small one that belonged to my grandparents. The pieces are worn, but they hold lots of wonderful memories. And, my grandfather built the wooden barn that houses the pieces!
      I love amaryllis and hyacinths for indoors in the winter too. We are seeing lots of amaryllis in the stores, but no hyacinths yet. Those are available closer to springtime with the daffodils and tulips.
      Enjoy this 3rd Sunday of Advent! ❤

  2. Linda D.

    I love your Dept. 56 villages, Cindy! I have them too, and see that we both have the red roofed Victorian house. I have 7 different spaces where I have mine set up, and with the exception of one scene, they stay up all year round. I just don’t have the heart to put them away!

    We decorate the whole house, and I have three trees to do. I would love to get a real tree, but with three trees, I have to start early, and you can’t do that with a real tree. My house was actually on a Christmas tour several years ago, so I have all the “fixings” and like to use them. We are empty nesters, but at Christmas the house is full of our two children, spouses, and 6 grandchildren. Lots of fun!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Linda. My red roofed Victorian belonged to my grandmother, so it is extra special. When I started collecting that one was sold out. I always loved it! I think my mother bought it for her. Great idea keeping them up all year.
      Wow! How wonderful to have your whole house decorated and have three trees. Your house must be the most festive for miles! I can just imagine all the fun that happens at your house!
      Thank you for sharing, Linda! ❤

  3. Joy

    Seeing your houses really makes me want to haul out the whole shebang of Snow Village that live here, but I have Christmas cards to finish. I did find out the dolly tree and decorate it though. It is on the only table in the house where eating occurs so good thing it is small. 🙂
    Very nice of you to support local businesses too.
    Your decor is light and lovely. 🙂

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Joy. Ah, Christmas cards–mine are bought, that’s it. Need to get those done… thanks for reminding me. Your dolly tree sounds adorable. A small tree is perfectly fine I am finding. Long gone are the days when my tree needed to scrape the ceiling to be called a proper Christmas tree. I hope your cards are done or almost done. Thank you, Joy. ❤

  4. Martha adam

    Lovely post Cindy, your home is lovely and I won’t forget the advice you gave freely re embroidery, thank you, happy Christmas.

  5. Terrigirl2019

    Hi Cindy, it is good to take in all the days leading up to Christmas and living in the moment is great advice. It is so nice shopping local ! I am sure the chocolates are healthier ! It is nice when home town stores are busy , great for the owners and also you feel less pressured walking around looking for a purchase. I am sure the antique mall was nice to visit and get your wreath hangers in. The pointsetta plant is beautiful Dear and I also love the carnations. So nice having them this time of year. I am glad your back is on the mend so you will get to walk around the tree farm. The artifical tree is cute , and will look great with its ornaments. Puki Puki Sugar is so happy in the village and I cannot blame her as it is a beautiful scene to play in, I think you caught up with all my goings on from my post! Sending a big hug back your way Cindy, Terri xo.


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