New Year–New ???

Hello, hello, hello!  I have been waiting to write a blog post for you for when I had some doll clothes making progress to show you.  And it’s not happening…  I am going to blame it on…

Our new puppy!!!

chihuahua puppy 5092

Two weeks ago we drove 4-1/2 hours south to meet this 5 month-old chihuahua puppy and, well, we decided to make him a part of our family.  He has a wonderful temperament–is as sweet as can be and loves to cuddle.  Our 10 year-old chi does a lot of grumbling at this little guy, but he tries his hardest to put up with him and his crazy energy level (when he isn’t sleeping that is).

2 chihuahuas 1001

My lap is full of chihuahua loves!

2 chihuahuas 5090

I cannot believe Christmas has come and gone along with New Year’s, and now we are over the halfway point in January!

Christmas Day here in northern Illinois was sunny with a blue sky and 55ºF!  We enjoyed a walk wearing light coats or no coat at all.  So, Halloween felt like Christmas, as it was snowing all day, and Christmas felt like an ideal Halloween!

Even though we never did get to the tree farm to find a real tree we made our little artificial tree look sparkly and festive.  On Christmas Day we all took part in making dinner: baked salmon, green beans with mushroom gravy, mashed sweet potatoes, and cookies for dessert–simple and yummy.

2019 christmas 5041

We visited the Volo Antique Mall during the holiday break.  My daughter saw these Ideal Love Mate cards; I thought they were a hoot–my how things have changed, thank goodness.  The copyright on them is 1941.  I wanted to know more about these.  I found the original machine they came in on eBay.

vintage ideal love mate 5050

ideal love mate vintage 5047

New Year’s Day morning found me starting my new planner and knitting on a pair of socks which I completed this past week.

2020 new year 5052

The colors are kind of wild, but they kept my feet warm while shoveling the snow this afternoon.

socks uneek yarn 5140

Since I finished one pair of socks I started another!  These will be for my daughter.

socks knitted wit 5142

Cannot forget about the birds and how they get so hungry when the snow is falling.  Yesterday afternoon I layered sunflower seeds with a basic bird mix and headed out to the feeder which had been recently cleaned out by the squirrels.

feeding the birds 5119

feeding the birds 5126

Last night was all blustery and snowy and cozy.  It was nice being indoors!

2020 snowstorm night5130

It’s been an easy winter so far.  Even the snowfall last night, the first since early November wasn’t much, although if you ask Morris he would disagree.

morris 5135

2020 snow 5139

We all helped shovel today.  Thanks to physical therapy my back is so much better; I am very thankful that I can help out!  Notice the little chihuahua potty patch we shoveled.  Ha ha.

Our older chihuahua loves loves loves soft blankets!  This pure white blanket is as soft as can be.  Whoever manufactured it though failed to close up the hole that was used to turn it right side out.  Look who found it… and got in it!  He’s a funny dog.

chihuahua 5074

I thought I’d show you the list of puppy names we came up with for our new addition.  Can you guess which name we chose?  Naming this guy took days for us all to decide.

puppy names 5076

And one last photo–this gorgeous sunset during the first week of January 2020!

2020 sunset 5102

Our new puppy’s name is Pebbles!

Sending you all the warmest wishes for a happy and healthy 2020!

BTW, maybe if you all put thoughts out in the universe of me creating things for my dolls it will happen!  I am really missing it, but cannot seem to get down to my studio. *sigh*



12 thoughts on “New Year–New ???

  1. Carol Christiansen

    Awww, Cindy…wish I could help you cuddle your new baby, Pebbles! CONGRATULATIONS! He looks Precious to say the very least! Enjoy him, Cindy…I know you will!❤️ Love & Hugs, Carol Christiansen

  2. Mary Lou Pollock

    Happy New Year Cindy! Great to hear from you! Pebbles is adorable and I’m sure is keeping you busy. I know what you mean about not being able to get to your studio. I struggle with this all the time. I work full time and am too tired when I get home. I am so looking forward to retiring!!! Can’t wait to see your new creations.
    Mary Lou Pollock

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Mary Lou. I can imagine it being even harder working all day then coming home and finding the creative energy to create. I don’t have that excuse and I’m still struggling. I hope that once you retire you will have more time for creating. I am sure you will. Thank you for the congrats on our new little one! Enjoy your week! ❤

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Bonne année à toi aussi, Marie Francoise. Que ce soit une année 2020 heureuse et saine pour vous! ❤
      Happy new year to you too, Marie Francoise. May it be a happy and healthy 2020 for you! ❤

  3. mariepaule31

    Bonne année Cindy à toi et à toute ta famille. Un nouveau memebre dans cette famille, l’adorable petit Pebbles. C’est normal que tu sois bien occupée par lui et que tu n’aies pas trop envie de “travailler” à l’atelier!
    Mais tu as fait de très belles chaussettes!
    A bientôt le plaisir de voir tes créations pour nos amies les poupées!
    Bonne journée!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Bonjour Marie Paule. J’espère être bientôt de retour pour créer nos poupées. Les chiots ne sont que peu de temps et je ne veux rien manquer. Bonne année 2020 à toi. Puisse-t-il être heureux et en bonne santé. ❤
      Hello Marie Paule. I hope to be back creating for our dolls soon. Puppies are only little for a short time and I don't want to miss anything. Happy New Year 2020 to you. May it be a happy and healthy one. ❤

  4. Susette Willhite

    What a lovely post for those of us living in Southern California, not in the mountains however. All the interesting details about what’s happening are always appreciated. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hello, Susette. Wish I could send you a few snowflakes. They were floating through the air in the sunshine this afternoon–glistening like fairy lights, just magical. Thank you for writing, glad you enjoyed my post. ❤ Enjoy your week!

  5. Karen L. King-Gonzales

    Cindy, Happy New Year! Congrats on Pebbles… that is the perfect name! I had to give my Chi to my uncle. My “new” husband is intolerant of indoor animals! I miss him..and knitting for him. At present, I have moved my blog and subsequently abandoned it. But I’m busy knitting accessories. In doll clothes, perhaps focus on some resort items? Summer will be a good target time for launching designs. Happy knitting!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Happy New Year to you too, Karen. I’m sorry you couldn’t keep your chihuahua. That would be very hard! I am sure your uncle is giving him a good home and you are able to visit him often. Happy to hear you are knitting. Winter is the perfect time to cozied up with needles and a ball of yarn. Enjoy! ❤


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