Hello… Spring?!

Hello! ❤

I hope this new week finds you well and not too bored from being stuck inside.  We’ve been alleviating cabin fever as much as possible with walks in our neighborhood and a couple of drives to nowhere.  It’s not very busy in my neighborhood, and when we do walk past someone they are completely on the other side of the road.  Other than to pick up prescriptions at the drive-through and have groceries put into the back of the car I’ve been home for 11 days!  Surreal times!

My husband is able to work from home, and has for almost 2 weeks now.  My daughter had an extra week of spring break and is today starting classes back up online.  Choir is even continuing using Zoom.  She’s still not sure how her two lab courses will be able to continue.  Her professors are still figuring that out.

I want to wish you a “Happy Spring”.  However, this is what we woke up to this morning, not very springlike, but typical for March.  Nevertheless, it is always a shock.

2020 march snow 5414

Even though today is snowy we’ve had some nice days the past couple of weeks.  The crocuses bloomed and the daffodils are on their way.  Gorgeous blue skies, puffy clouds, and pretty sunrises were experienced for quite a few days.

2020 crocuses 5370

2020 daffodil growth 5349

2020 neighborhood late winter 5350

2020 sunrise late winter 5360

2020 sunrise late winter 5364

2020 country road 5339

While doing some of my floor stretches the other day I looked up at my shelf of craft books and felt a spark of inspiration.  I’d like to spend some time going through them again.  Let me know if you’d like to look inside some of them.  I could snap a few pics to show you what they’re about.  Let me know in the comments.  I’d be happy to do that.

2020 craft books 5291

I am plugging along on the embroidery for my newest MSD cardigan.  Here is my progress thus far.  I am taking my time and enjoying the creation of each unique motif.  It is always fun to ‘grow’ my own indoor rose garden.

2020-03-21 5408

I recently completed a pair of socks for my daughter and started another pair.  Sock knitting is repetitive and mindless and helps to quiet my mind while keeping my hands busy.

2020 socks 5354

I tend to worry… a lot.  In this time of uncertainty it has been a challenge to feel grounded and safe.  I have found comfort in prayer and reading scripture… and knitting, of course.

2020 socks 5388

I have also found peace with coloring.  My daughter and I printed a couple of flower-y pages from Johanna Basford and got to work with my daughter’s Prismacolor colored pencils.  Johanna has graciously offered these two pages free of charge.

2020 coloring 5379

What about you?  Do you have any go to activities to ease your mind during stressful times?

Sending you all, my friends, warmth and love ❤ and positivity and ‘stay-well’ thoughts.


13 thoughts on “Hello… Spring?!

  1. Tamara

    Happy Monday! I always enjoy your posts. Here in Western Washington we had a beautiful week of sunshine, which was fortunate during the first week of “sheltering at home.” I unfortunately broke my wrist three weeks ago, and although this would be an excellent time to hole up in my sewing room, I just can’t do it. Although I tried. 😀 Instead I’ve read classics like Pride & Prejudice and Little Women, and I just started “Anne of Green Gables.” I figure I’ll fill my mind with uplifting thoughts. And yes! God is with us through all things, so we need not fear. Thank you for your message! (P.S. That is one great set of Prismacolor pencils…they’re the best!)

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Tamar. Beautiful spring weather is good for the soul! Looking forward to more days like that here in northern Illinois.
      I am so sorry to hear about your wrist. I hope you are on the mend and can get some sewing time in soon. Your alternate activity sound very nice. I love to read. I’ve recently read all of the Anne of Green Gables books–loved them.
      Yes, I agree we should take in positivity and goodness. I am much happier and a better person when I do that.
      Thank you for commenting! I loved hearing from you. Take care and heal quickly! ❤

  2. Joy

    So nice you can be home with family. Daughter who is a teacher, is now homeschooling her three 4,7,9 year olds. Fortunately, their teachers are sending home work to complete and the 7 year old is working magic teaching the 4 year old sounds/letters/and songs. I am only aware because of email connection. Missing the grands of whom we may not see for months to come. We get out and walk everyday as usual, but when we run into neighbors, it is the 6ft rule. So many people are outside as we all have cabin fever already.
    Love the breath of spring photos and then back to the snowy. Hopefully, you will have lots of sunny weather soon.
    Tons of things to do around here. Not all to my liking though. The cleaning thing gives me a headache, not really. Should do it, but instead I decided to organize dolly shoes. Putting them in clear boxes by size, and then I intend to label each. That is if I can find the label maker and remember how it works. Definitely been awhile since I used it. Pruning in the yard is ongoing with the goal of filling the yard waste can every week. Hopefully, it will all be done some time soon.
    Maybe seeing something from your felt book would be interesting as that is what I’ve been doing lately. Felt peep doll size bunnies with minimal embroidery.
    Stay safe.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Joy. Oh, I hope this doesn’t last months, but I feel it will well into May. Can you FaceTime or Skype with your grandkids? How sweet that the 7 year old is teaching her 4 year old sibling. Sounds like she has the gift of teaching.
      Our neighborhood is getting busier. Today I had to walk onto front lawns to be able to keep my distance. When people are talking to each other from each side of the road I will not go between them–too close.
      I don’t like cleaning or yard work either, but when it is done it feels so good. Have to go through it to get to the other side. There’s no way around it. I’ve got my list too, must start to tackle some of the things.
      I’ll take some photos of my felt books for the next post.
      Wishing you good health and great weather, Joy! ❤

  3. Sharon A.M. King

    I spent the first 50 years of my life living in UP-state NY.. close to the VT border.. So,, your photo’s of spring/snow, looks so familiar to me. We moved to VA in Aug. 2001 , right before 9/11.. I remember feeling so paralyzed, with most of my family still in every corner of NYS… one Uncle at Wall Street.. We are now retired in Florida (North East) so we can still get some pretty cold days,, but none like we experienced in NY, or VA either,, So much of what you post as your experience reminds me of ‘home’ I miss the cold crisp days,, and the beautiful big snowflakes falling on my face.. It is a beautiful memory of a time past.. Be well Cindy,, and thanks for sharing a bit of your life,, and bringing memories of mine to me.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Sharon. Would you believe that I have never been out east!? Photos of VT look so pretty, especially in the fall. Maybe some day I’ll get out that way.
      Those were also crazy, uncertain times–2001–looking up at the sky as every plane flew by and wondered… I hope this ends soon, but it is so scary.
      Northern FL can get chilly in the winter. My family moved to Ft. Myers in 1982. They stay pretty warm that far south. I could never get used to it, so I know what you mean.
      Wishing you good health, Sharon. ❤

  4. Fanfan

    Merci beaucoup pour ces très belles photos..;Nous sommes nus aussi confinés (France Lille dans le Nord) et ne voyons pas beaucoup de monde….j’ai de la réserve de laine et tissu je peux donc coudre pour faire passer le temps….
    Bonne nuit Fanfan
    Traduit avec Google ! Thank you very much for these very beautiful photos. We are also confined naked (France Lille in the North) and do not see many people …. I have a reserve of wool and fabric so I can sew to pass time….
    Good night Fanfan

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Bonjour Fanfan. Je suis content que vous ayez apprécié mes photos. C’est bien que vous soyez isolé de la foule. Ce virus semble se propager davantage dans les grandes villes.
      On dirait que vous êtes tous équipés de fournitures d’artisanat pour vous tenir occupé. Prendre plaisir! ❤
      Hello, Fanfan. I am happy you enjoyed my photos. It is good you are isolated from the crowds. This virus seems to spread more in the large cities.
      It sounds like you are all set with crafting supplies to keep you busy. Enjoy! ❤

  5. Nanita S Adams

    Thank you for all the inspiration. I enjoy seeing the outfits you make. I will enjoy the coloring pages very much. Thank you and stay safe.

  6. Terrigirl2020

    It definitely is surreal times Cindy! I am glad that your husband can work from home and that your daughter’s classes are starting back up How fun is that that she can still be in choir! We got the same snow that you did but you got even more than us! Happy Spring to you also. It is pouring rain here right now which will be good to Green up the grass for us. I would love to look inside the craft books! I love the socks you knitted for your daughter she will be so happy with them! Sending warmth and love to you all , Terri ❤❤❤

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Good morning, Terri. After two beautiful days we are expecting rain for the next few days. I imagine our grass will green up after our rains too. Thank you for the compliment on my recently completed socks. She hasn’t worn them yet–probably because there is no where to go… I’ll start looking through my craft books again and snap some pics. Enjoy your day today, Terri. ❤

      1. Terrigirl2020

        Good afternoon Cindy, It just turned 12:30 here and the sun is shining and the the temperature is in the forties it feels really nice. You are so welcome on the socks it might be winter before she truly needs them! Looking forward to seeing your craft pics, take care,Terri xo .

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