Happy Fall Y’all

Autumn in the northern hemisphere begins on Tuesday! Are you ready for fall weather? Our nights have been quite cool–no frost yet, so the flowers are still blooming. The days remain warm, but long gone are the 90 degree days that made up much of our summer. The past days have been beautiful! If only every day were like this!

This week I finished “Apple Picking” for the Little Darlings. Gina won the modeling lottery and is happily modeling it for you. Doesn’t she look sweet? She’s even found a few apples already.

Wool cap embellished with apple pom pom and crocheted leaves.
Wool scarf with more apple pom poms!

Gina surprised me; she likes to climb trees, especially apple trees!

The fabric I used to sew Gina’s dress was from 2015 (I think), or maybe earlier. It is a Japanese lightweight cotton fabric from Lecien; the collection’s name is Floral Collection Flower Sugar.

Back in 2015 I used this fabric for another ensemble modeled by Gina (shown below). “Apple Season” is for warmer weather. Gina will be a lot cozier in her wool knitwear this year.

I hope you enjoy the first week of autumn, or spring (lucky you!) if you are in the southern hemisphere. Thank you so much for stopping by. What are you up to this week? I’d love to hear from you. ❤

12 thoughts on “Happy Fall Y’all

  1. Wendy Marsh

    Good morning Cindy,
    Here in Tamworth NSW Australia we are in spring mode. With the lovely warmer weather and bouts of much needed rain the garden and the new growth is great. My freesias and Daphne have filled my home with their intoxicating perfume and my first peace rose of the season has bloomed and the fruit trees are bursting with their new growth and fruit. Spring is my favourite season.
    Another special event for me is about to happen. After waiting for quite a while I will be taking delivery of my own “Little Darling” in time for Christmas.
    I am looking forward to dressing her with your inspired patterns for the dress, cardigan and beret. Now I have to decide what fabric to use from my stash. I still have to decide on the eye and hair colour for my little darling.
    Take care

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hello, Wendy. I must admit just a little jealousy of you beginning springtime. I love when the spring flowers start coming up. It is a very exciting time. The fall is beautiful, but everything is dying, not beginning.
      I have my favorite piece of cross stitch, a bouquet of freesias, hanging in my dining room. Freesias was a request from my UK distributor. The flowers aren’t too popular here. I had to go to the wholesale floral market to find the flowers for the design. That was fun–and so long ago. But the result… it’s my favorite.
      Congrats on your new arrival in a couple of months. They are beautiful dolls which I never tire of. My first, Gina, was a Christmas present from my daughter and husband in 2011. I received her a few months later in 2012. I thought 3 months was a long time to wait! Have fun sewing and knitting for her. Please share if you want.
      Enjoy your week, Wendy. ❤

  2. Joy

    Everything looks so lush/green in your yard. Here, paler twinged with brown because it is 90 today. Smoke index was 6 this morning, but smoke has blown south from fires to the north so up to 60 now. Air purifier going though.
    Love the apple print and sweet sweater which does look nice taken in. Perfect for fall.
    Are you making dresses and doing boxes again this year for girls? Enjoyed seeing them in the past.
    A couple of new Meadow girls are headed this way. Getting the group ready for fall camping. 🙂

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Joy. Yes, it’s wonderful what an entire week of rain can do. We were so very crispy crunchy before that. You should start cooling off now, right? And maybe a little rain will come too? I hope so. I was wondering if all of you have air purifiers in the house going constantly.
      I haven’t done any sewing for the shoeboxes this year. I’d like a new dress pattern–kind of burned out on the old one. We may buy all the things this year for a few boxes. My Barbie doll stash got depleted from years past too.
      How exciting to be awaiting new dolls. I’d love someone new, but I am reminded that the ones I have first need some new things to wear. Enjoy your new Meadow girls! And, thank you for the compliments on Gina’s new ensemble.
      Fall camping! How fun! ❤

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  4. Terrigirl2020

    Hello Cindy! It’s been such a long time since I’ve touched base with you I see that this post is from September 20th the whole month ago! I have been kept busy with work and kids and have been delinquent in keeping up on blogs yours and mine. Gina looks very pretty in her apple dress another fabulous creation by you! It is good that you had fabric left over from a few years ago wishing you a beautiful day, Terri xo

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Terri. I was thinking of you and hoping you are well. Your plate is full, and with all that is going on in the world… just so much to keep track of in our heads.
      I’ve missed your posts, but no rush, whenever you are ready. Sometimes breaks are needed.
      Thank you for the compliment on my latest. ❤ I am happy for it to be done, so I can have extra space in my head for something else. lol
      I hope you have a great Wednesday! And maybe some sunshine? We are on a cloudy day trend now. 😦


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