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Let the Holiday Magic Begin

This year I am SO ready to begin decorating for Christmas. On one hand I absolutely cannot believe it is that time of year, but on the other hand I am ready and excited for it. Are you feeling festive earlier this year? We already have quite a few houses in our neighborhood with their Christmas lights turned on. I think others may be feeling the same as me…???

Way back in August I purchased tickets for the Chicago Botanic Gardens Lightscape event. This event sold out so quickly last year, so I purchased the tickets on the day they went on sale. We picked a random date which happened to be this past Saturday. It was a beautiful evening–just cool enough and dry (rain had been predicted for Saturday earlier in the week). We got lucky because you just never know what the weather will be like on November 21st when it is still mid August. It was a festive start to the season… and so good to be out in society. This event is totally outdoors and everyone stayed far enough apart and wore masks. I felt very safe.

My favorite exhibit was the waterfall made with lights. It originally is the waterfall garden, but they dry it out for the winter. It’s hard to capture the essence on video, but trust me it was amazing!

Other news! I finished a holiday ensemble for Gina. Here are a few pictures.

Gina’s cardigan was knit with my Light Cardigan Little Darling pattern. I used the instructions for the long sleeved version and the longest body length. I added an eyelet lace design on the neckline and hemline. I think it worked better on the hemline; it kind of gets lost on the neckline. It’s probably because I had to add all of the missed increases right after the lace pattern. I also added a lace motif on each sleeve which I like.

Gina’s ear flap hat was the sample I made for my newest pattern. I ended up changing the pom pom from pink to red because it needed a little red to coordinate with the rest of the ensemble.

The Christmas stocking was knit with a free pattern from Little Cotton Rabbits. I made the leg 4 stitches narrower, but otherwise followed the pattern as written. It was quick but fiddly. I am not keen on executing a p2tog tbl. I think it only needed to be made a few times, but I found it very difficult and put me off of the whole pattern. I wonder if a regular p2tog would work…

I published a YouTube video from my past week’s work or so. While I worked on this ensemble I took video here and there. It’s not a tutorial–just a virtual visit with me while I create it. Please join me.

I wish all of you (who celebrate) a very Happy and safe Thanksgiving. Hugs to all of you, my friends. πŸ€— ❀️

A New Knitting Pattern

Hi there! I hope this week is going good for you. It’s going fine over here. I think we are on day #8, and the last day, of really warm November weather. It has been nice, but it is starting to feel a little bit weird. I hate to say this, but I am looking forward to more seasonal temperatures. Remind me I said this when I am complaining about the cold. πŸ™„

Sunday night I finished up *gasp* a knitting pattern! It’s been so long–I’ve been way too lazy, sorry if you’ve been waiting for more. I have ideas, but it is SO much work putting the designs onto paper, or virtual paper I should say. It’s hard getting into pattern writing mode, but when the pattern is done I am very happy it’s out there for you.

Over the years I have been asked to put my ear flap hat into pattern form. It’s specifically designed for the Little Darlings who wear a 7″-8″ wig, but this should fit other dolls with the same sized head.

The Ear Flap Hat pattern is different from my last ones in that it includes a video link to illustrate steps where visuals could help make the steps clearer. I am a visual learner–I know many of us are; I am hoping this video is quite helpful. There are clickable time stamps in the video’s description so that you can click and go to the exact place in the video that you need to go to–no jumping around randomly.

Now that this pattern sample is made I must get the rest of this outfit created. What are you working on this week?

Alice and I are sending you a virtual hug. πŸ€— Stay safe. πŸ’›

What a Glorious Weather Week It Has Been!

Have you too had glorious weather this week? Oh my, my, it’s been unbelievable here in northern Illinois. It’s like early September all over again. It could stay like this forever… What a stretch of the best November weather ever!

After finishing up my last Little Darling’s ensemble and publishing an embroidery video I finally buckled down and got to work on a new knitting pattern. I have been asked to write a pattern for my ear flap hat (for the Little Darlings) for awhile now. I am happy to say that after a good proofreading and then converting the pages to a pdf it will be ready.

Alice is here to show you a couple of pics of her stripy ear flap hat. Even though the rest of the ensemble hasn’t been made yet I wanted to get this pattern out to you asap. I’m sure the weather will start turning towards hat weather soon and it’s good to be prepared. πŸ˜‰

This pattern includes a YouTube video link as a supplement to the pattern. Lately whenever I want to know how to do something I go to YouTube and search there first. There’s nothing like watching the instructions rather than solely reading them and trying to figure out what they mean. I hope my video alleviates any questions about how to do things.

You can see the coloring page in the photo above that I include in the pattern. You will be able to plan out your stripy pattern on this graph. Print out as many times as you want and color away…

Look for this pattern on Ravelry this coming week.

How has your week been? Has any knitting, sewing, or crocheting been happening over at your place? I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to.

Thanks for stopping by! ❀