My Work the Past Week

Hello, my friends! I hope you’ve had a cozy week. We’ve had some snow this week and temperatures that allow for wintery walks. All good! For me the week flew by as it usually does. I started two new projects, so I have two things in progress in my studio: a new ensemble for my Boneka 10″ Rose and a cardigan for Linda Macario’s new doll, Didi.

Thanks to all of you for voting for your favorite fabric either here, on my Facebook page, or on YouTube. Number one, a fabric by Brenda Riddle Designs got the most votes, so that is the one I used for Rose’s new dress. You can see all of the fabric contenders here. I actually like them all and really couldn’t decide!

I picked out a dainty white lace to peek out from the skirt’s hemline.

I still have the hand stitching of the bodice lining to do and the snaps to add, but all of the machine stitching is complete.

Next I started on Didi’s cardigan. Linda wanted a dark red or brown in a fingering weight and I didn’t have that color in my stash, so the first step was dyeing yarn. She sent me fabric swatches so that I could get a color that highlighted both fabrics. I mixed brown, warm red, and yellow to achieve this beautiful shade of warm brown. I think it works beautifully with these two fabrics.

I chose a single ply merino yarn for Didi’s sweater. I love the way this yarn feels. It’s so soft! It shouldn’t be long before I can start on the embroidery.

I also have a few new videos on YouTube in case you’d like to watch my week in progress. I separated in studio work from other life stuff, so two videos. You can pick one or both to watch. I also redid a little stop motion video I made years ago of the Little Darlings. I originally had it on Facebook without music. Now it has music added to it. Here is my YouTube channel page. I hope you enjoy.

Wishing you a great week ahead! I hope the new week is good to you. Sending hugs! 🤗❤️

8 thoughts on “My Work the Past Week

  1. Joy

    Although this fabric was not my first choice, I love how the white lace helps to frame the fabric and mute the bluish background a little. Very sweet and springy. Can’t wait to see the outfit and sweater for Didi. She’s a very sweet doll. Are you getting one? 🙂

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hello, Joy. I just finished Didi’s sweater. Linda made her dress, so it will be up to her to put it all together. I have not yet ordered Didi. I cannot seem to keep the dolls I have up-to-date in clothing. I think I’d like to get that under control first. Didi is quite cute though. I may change my mind… ❤️

  2. Terrigirl2020

    Hello Cindy , There are few snowflakes falling here this morning . Yesterday was Pretty nice with some sunshine . It made up for last Thursday and Friday which were Snowy Wet and slushy! The fabric that won is very pretty I love the Print on it , and The Lace Hemline is adorable. The yarn look nice andfor the cardigan Didi will love it when it’s complete. Looking forward to seeing your videos Cindy . Have a wonderful day and take care ,Terri xoxo.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Terri. We just had some beautiful snowflakes fall–not a lot–just enough to enjoy. We’ve been on the warm side too this winter. I really hope Didi likes her new sweater. I don’t think I’ve ever created anything without having a model here to try it on. Hoping it fits okay… Thanks so much for watching my videos. I appreciate it so much! ❤️

  3. Linda D.

    Oh good! That’s the material I picked, and it looks so pretty and fresh! Love the lace on the edge too! I certainly do hope a warm sweater is in the works!

    I love the color combination and patterns for Didi’s outfit! I certainly do know how hard it is to keep up with dressing the dolls you already have without getting more! It is overwhelming sometimes! I have 9, which is probably too many, but for sure I can’t add any more without doing something to make more room! I rather like what I have !

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Linda. Yes, a warm sweater is in the works. It is all knit and awaiting some embroidered embellishment. Rose may be getting a tad impatient with me.
      I belong to the same club as you in regards to the amount of dolls that we enjoy. Less is definitely more and I am feeling that way more and more, although I do like to window shop and say maybe one more (or not). Ha Ha. It’s been years since I got a new doll. I think Rose in 2017 was my last. We’ll see… maybe…
      I hope you are enjoying the weekend, Linda. ❤️


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