Easter Bunny is Arriving Soon

Hello, my friends! It’s that time of year again when the Easter Bunny can be seen hopping around hiding colored eggs and sweet treats. I think I might has spotted a fluffy white tail in my yard. 😉 My girls in the sewing studio hope he doesn’t forget to stop on by and leave a little something for them.

In years past, he hasn’t forgotten them, so I think they will get a visit from him. Years ago, Gina got this adorable basket that was filled with the cutest sweets and toys.

Gina was thrilled with her Easter gift from the Easter Bunny.

Another year Amelia Thimble was gifted this fuzzy bunny that was as big as her! She still finds him very, very huggable to this day.

Then a couple of years later, Talyssa got ahold of Amelia’s bunny. I think little Miss Amelia was bit miffed, but she let Talyssa get in a few hugs before reclaiming him as her own. “You have two stuffed bunnies of your own, Miss Talyssa,” pouted Amelia.

I’ve had a bit of a slow week in the studio, but I managed to finish Patience’s ensemble and started looking for my next fabric inspiration. I have a VERY short YouTube video showing this past week’s work. I’m hoping next week is a little more fruitful.

Wishing you all a beautiful spring weekend! And a blessed Easter to those who observe this holiest of days. 💐

4 thoughts on “Easter Bunny is Arriving Soon

  1. Joy

    So fun seeing your Amelia. The one here is rather lonely. Doesn’t get enough attention either. She definitely needs an Easter dress too. 🙂

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Oh, our poor Amelia Thimbles. This photo is years old–taken when my Amelia was one of the top models around here. Currently she is naked in a drawer. At least her friend Izzy is dressed up and part of the spring welcome crew. Happy Easter to you! Have fun! Thanks, Joy. 💐

  2. Terrigirl2021

    Hello Cindy , I am guessing the Easter bunny did stop by and deliver to your girls! Aww that was a sweet basket Gina received. How cuddly is Amelia’s bunny? It is no wonder Talyssa wanted to hug him also . It is good to have slow weeks ! Patience’s cardigan is beautiful , pretty embroidery just in time for Easter. With all the fabric it is hard to choose right? Probably is good to sleep on it! Thanks for sharing, have a great week, Terri xo.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Terri. Yes, the Easter Bunny popped in for a quick visit, or so I am told. I’m afraid the girls had all their treats eaten up before I could even lay eyes on their goodies.😉
      It is indeed good to have slow weeks. They are rejuvenating, aren’t they?
      I hope you had a great week last week, and I’m wishing you a lovely week ahead. 💕 Take care, Terri.


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