“Happiest Springtime Blossoms”

Hi there! How are you? I hope you are doing great. All good at my end despite the rainy day today… and yesterday. However, up until Thursday it was a beautiful week weather wise.

With the rainy weather came motivation to get into my studio and get some embroidery done so that I could finish this ensemble for Lucy.

The cardigan for this ensemble had been languishing in my stash. It has a small imperfection; I pulled one of the mohair strands and it made a horizontal pull on the sweater. You might be able to see it on the right front near the bottom. It is fine for us here; with my memory I’m sure I’ll forget it’s even there.

Because the cardigan was already made I was able to get this ensemble put together without too much effort this week. Lucy loves it!

Lucy does hope you like her new look. She says it surely puts her in the springtime spirit even on these rainy days.

If you’d like to see this ensemble in progress I have included it in my latest YouTube video.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 💜🤗 Thank you for stopping by for a visit!

13 thoughts on ““Happiest Springtime Blossoms”

  1. Wendy Marsh

    Good morning Cindy.
    Lucy’s spring ensemble is lovely.
    Our flooding rains have now gone and now the cooler weather is settling in. I have lost a young lemon tree and also my Daphne bush to root rot, very disappointing. All of my bulbs are planted out. I have some in containers that I can bring inside when they flower in spring. I love fresh flowers inside.
    I have been busy in the craft room. I have 3 ensembles that are a work in progress, hope to have them completed this week. I really need to spend time to complete the knitted rug that I am working on now, which is about 85% done. I want to start on my Knitpicks Pallete yarn rug. I have 110 of the colour range (of about 150) to work with. So all in all I have plenty to do to keep me occupied over the winter months.
    Take Care
    Wendy 💐

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Wendy. Thanks for stopping by for a chat. Good for you in getting those bulbs in the ground. Every spring I say I want to plant bulbs in the fall, and every year I don’t do it! Maybe this year…my husband wants to as well, so maybe it can be a group project.
      Once, long ago, I bought a little refrigerator for cooling bulbs so that I could have blooms in the middle of winter. I can’t remember how they turned out. I do remember not too many pots being able to fit in that refrigerator though.
      I look forward to seeing your new ensembles when completed. Like all you make I am sure they will be so sweet.
      Your Palette rug sounds like it will be fun and so colorful. Do you use random color placement or is it planned out? That WILL keep you busy and warm while working on it! Have a great week, Wendy. ❤️

      1. Wendy Marsh

        Hello Cindy,
        I have decided to do a random colour selection for the Pallete rug. Should be interesting.
        Hope you gave a great week💐

  2. Joy

    Well, lucky Lucy! Beautiful sweater and perfect dress too. Not sure what flower she is holding, but I’ll go with orchids. 🙂 Very sweet. Still finishing a romper for one of my Meadow Chibbi girls. Still need snaps. But then I decided she needed a hat. Maybe I can get to cutting that out tomorrow. 🙂
    Always enjoy seeing your posts.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hello, Joy. Your Meadow girls are very lucky to have you sewing lots of things for them. A little hat will be much appreciated to keep the sunshine off their face.
      Lucy’s bouquet was made from a few human-size lilac blossoms. It’s all I had in the correct shade. We’re pretending…
      Thanks for stopping by, Joy. Wishing you a great week! ❤️

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Bonjour Patricia. Merci beaucoup et merci d’avoir regardé. Je suis heureux d’apprendre que vous l’avez apprécié. ❤️
      Hello, Patricia. Thanks so much, and thank you for watching. I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed it. ❤️

  3. Marian

    How very sweet. I am always amazed by your ability to create such lovely flowers. The colors are always spot on as well. Lucy never looked so cute. The wig is perfect.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thank you so much, Marian. I am always surprised by what gets made with my needle and thread. I guess I always think it won’t work out.
      I love Lucy too! 😁 She always makes me smile. The wig is the one Helen Skinner put on her. She picked a good one.
      Have a great week, Marian. ❤️

  4. Terrigirl2021

    Hi Cindy, it is 2 days since you posted and it is still rainy here! We had some snow mix but nothing to worry about. The grass is getting sooo green though, and the buds are starting to make their way through, got to love spring! Oh my gosh, you are a perfectionist, the cardigan looks perfect to me! Lucy looks adorable in the outfit, I so want to wear it too! I can see how happy she is in it. I just love watching you work! Great idea pinning the bodice to the skirt. I could use embroidery lessons from you ! great job crocheting also! The 3 girls are so cute together! Thanks for the video, Have a lovely afternoon, Terri xo.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Terri. Oh, yuck, sorry about the rain. We had a nice day today, but tomorrow we will have more rain too. April showers bring May flowers. These many days of dreary weather, though, get depressing.
      Do you embroider, Terri?
      Thank you for watching my video. I’m happy you enjoyed it! 💕

      1. Terrigirl2021

        Hi Cindy, we had snow stick to the grass overnight ! it is 32 this morning with a bit of breeze. Winter is not leaving without a fight! I do not embroider but it would be nice to take up! Have a nice day, Terri xo.

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