What I Made in March

Hi there! I have to laugh at the title of this post because I haven’t made too much. My goal is to make two ensembles each month and I haven’t even finished one for March. ugh…

For the last 3+ weeks I have had tooth pain. Dealing with that consumed a hugechunk of brain power. After a lengthy time of figuring out which tooth was causing the pain I am finally pain free and am ready to get back into my sewing room. BTW, I’ve had two root canals this month–both needed, but only one causing the current pain!

My other monthly goal which I feel is more important than things for my dolls are the dresses I make for real little girls that I add to my Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. I make two dresses a month. Yesterday I almost finished both; I will finish up the second one today. In case you’ve missed photos of these dresses here is what I completed last year.

Now on to what I’ve made for my dolls…

March is the perfect time for pretty greens. My Ruby Red Fashion Friend Holly, originally 2020 Holiday Stella, will be modeling this cardigan very soon. It is knit with sage green bamboo crochet thread (#10), which is sadly discontinued. The colorful embroidery coordinates with the fabric I made the dress out of. It is a happy and colorful print made.

To complete this set for Holly I must decide on either a hair ribbon or sun hat, tights or anklets, bouquet or bag, and beads for a bracelet. Then, happy little Holly will be ready to jump into her new spring ensemble and show you what I’ve made for her! Fingers crossed it is very soon.

The daffodils have started to grow here in northern Illinois. They come up along the roadside and profusely in a neighborhood park. I have a few in my yard too. No daffodil blooms yet, but very soon I am sure. What is blooming by you?

Wishing you a perfect end to March and a beautiful beginning to April. 🤗❤️ Take care, my friends.

11 thoughts on “What I Made in March

  1. p1946

    I have enjoyed reading your current and past past this morning!! Your work is amazing and inspirational. I retired from teaching (elementary grades) almost 2 yrs ago and spend my time sewing 18 inch dolls clothes. Knitting simple things mostly in winter. You are very talented and I look forward to more post from you.

  2. Joy

    Oh boy. Nothing like a toothache to put a damper on things. Sounds like they have it figured out now, hopefully.
    Glad you are able to complete a couple of dresses for the Christmas project each month. So much easier than trying to do it all at once. I’m sure they are lovely as always.
    How lucky that Holly gets one of my favorite colors of sage green in the most beautiful sweater ever. I’m sure that whatever you decide for accessories for her will be perfect. Maybe anklet socks for spring which bring back memories of wearing them with patent leather Mary Janes for Easter long ago. 🙂

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Joy. I’ve had four days without a toothache! Yay!
      I crocheted Holly a spring hat which I think looks cute on her, and anklets sound like the perfect addition.
      When I was young I was always happy when it was warm enough on Easter for anklets instead of tights. However, I don’t think it happened often here in Illinois.
      I hope you’re enjoying the weekend so far. Would you believe it’s snowing here, and will continue for another four hours?! One to three inches is what we will get. April Fools a day late, I say… Yuck! Oh well… I’m sure it’s warm by you–enjoy for me! ❤️

  3. Wendy Marsh

    Hello Cindy,
    Spring is such a lovely time. Here in Australia we are enjoying Autumn which I also love. I have been spending a lot of time in the garden ( in between the rain). My freesias and daffodils are starting to show themselves. I leave them in the ground each year, to naturalise. Gardening is keeping me busy and is helping me come to terms with the death of my twin sister, who lost her brave battle fighting cancer.
    I have also had time in my craft room. Little Grace has a new Easter bonnet. I have also completed a knitted dress, cardigan and headband for both Little Grace and Little Daisy (still waiting for her arrival). Next week I hope to get to my sewing machine and finish the dresses and pinafores for both of the girls.
    I have plenty to keep me occupied, and with the cooler weather about now, I can get back to my work in progress, no sew, knitted granny square blanket.
    Take care

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      My heartfelt condolences to you on the loss of your dear sister, Wendy. May she rest in peace. I hope your sweet memories of her bring you a bit of comfort during this hard time.
      Do you have daffodils bloom in the fall? And freesias too? That is wonderful, or did I misunderstand?
      I’ll bet Little Grace is looking very cute in her new bonnet. I hope Little Daisy arrives soon so that she can try on all her new things and Little Grace can have company! Oh, how I wish these girls didn’t take quite so long. I’d have so many more…
      It’s still so funny to me that you are getting ready to hunker down for winter when we are just starting to work our way outside again. Your granny square blanket sounds so cozy. That’s the perfect knitting for a day like we’re having today. Snow!!!
      Sending 🤗❤️ to you, Wendy.

      1. Wendy Marsh

        Hi Cindy
        Thank you for your thoughts, they are much appreciated. Her memories will help me through this difficult time💕
        We plant our daffodils and freesias in Autumn and they usually flower towards the end of Winter. However I am finding that when left in the ground the growing process happens a bit sooner and I will see blooms in early Winter.💐

  4. Terrigirl2021

    Hi Cindy and happy April to you !! I am looking forward to seeing growth this month . We have to make fun of ourselves sometimes but don’t be too hard on yourself !! You are always busy and deserve time off also. I am sorry you have been going through tooth pain , I have been there before. I am glad it has been sorted out and you can concentrate on the fun things again. That is a very sweet thing you do in making dresses for little girls who might not have much , and you are able to bring them joy at Christmas time. Holly will look so nice modeling that sage green embroidered cardigan ! You have a few fun decisions to make on completing her outfit . The daffodils have not come up here yet Cindy , the grass is very slightly turning green . I am hoping by Easter Sunday we will see more growth. Have a lovely first weekend of April Cindy, take care, Terri xo.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Terri. I hope you are not having an April Fool’s joke (a day late) like we are. It’s snowing!!! We haven’t had a snowfall since late February (I think). I guess we’re due, but it seems like a joke anyway.
      Since being out of tooth pain I have been able to work on Holly’s outfit again. She is happy, but is impatient to see it completed–as I am. Maybe I’ll get some time today…
      I hope you are enjoying a nice beautiful day. ❤️

      1. Terrigirl2021

        Hi Cindy ! We did not get any April2nd snow but it did snow the following day, less than an inch though. Yesterday and today is rain, but I look forward to what these April showers bring ! Have a great day, Terri xo.

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