Rose is Hoping Spring Arrives Soon

Hello! I hope you are doing okay even though… well, you know. Things going on in the world are very sad right now. Every day I pray for peace… I keep in my heart all those who need comfort and courage right now. ❤️

I want to show you what I finished for Rose in February. Rose is a 10″ Boneka Monday’s Child doll sculpted by Dianna Effner.

Rose loves her new springtime ensemble. I chose a beautiful pink/lilac tiny floral print for her dress. The full skirt is edged with white cotton lace; a bright pink grosgrain ribbon ties around the waist. Her hand knit cardigan is knit with a lilac tonal hand dyed merino yarn. It is embroidered with random rose/floral motifs in coordinating colors. Her spring hat is crocheted with cotton and bamboo threads. The hat band is made with matching dress fabric and ribbon. In my stash I found Rose a white teddy bear and embellished the foot pads with embroidery, made a matching bow, and gave Theodora a lilac colored blossom.

Rose is very happy with her new ensemble, but a wee bit sad as we’ve had cold weather return again here in northern Illinois. (I know it’s early March but in my mind feels like it should be April!) She is wishing the warm weather from last week would return so that she can stroll through the gardens and see what is starting to grow. Who can blame her! I am ready for spring too!

I whispered in her ear that next week is looking to be warm again; that seemed to put a little smile on her face. For now Rose has a teddy bear to cuddle and stay warm with.

Here are my ‘lilac ladies’ all eagerly awaiting springtime: Rose, Alice, Sophie, Gina, and Lucy. The taller ladies are my Little Darlings. The little red haired girl is Ann Estelle’s friend Sophie (Tonner’s Mary Engelbreit dolls). And you know about Rose. The other ensembles were previously made for past spring times and are being worn with love once again.

Thank you so much for stopping by today. I hope the remainder of your week goes well. Sending you hugs and ❤️! Take good care.

4 thoughts on “Rose is Hoping Spring Arrives Soon

  1. Joy

    Spring has been around here for awhile. The daffodil patch is about to burst. We’ve had a few already. The redbud tree is covered in blossoms and the forsythia is almost bloomed out, but the yellow is now mixed with new green leaves. And all of this with extreme drought. Not sure exactly which plants and trees will make it though with yet another year of just dabs of rain.
    Trying to keep sane with world events. Feel so sad for the loss of lives and homes in Ukraine.
    Your beautiful springy outfit is lovely and uplifting. The girls look thrilled to model. 🙂

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Joy. I am happy to hear you are well and enjoying beautiful spring time even though the world is so sad.
      It sounds gorgeous by you. The plants and trees must be getting enough moisture somehow.
      I just noticed that our crocuses are JUST starting to come up. Next week will be warm, so they should make fast progress.
      Thank you, Joy. I hope the rest of your week goes by beautifully. ❤️

  2. Terrigirl2021

    Hello Cindy !! It is just heartbreaking what is happening right now Carmen, Praying for peace is what is needed right now as well as help for the innocent victims of senseless war. Oh my Rose is adorable in her spring outfit !!! ( I hope you are still figuring out a way for me to wear some the girls outfits !) I am sorry that the cold returned to you, I can imagine how much Rose wants to get outside and see the first stages of growth. The dress is just gorgeous and goes nicely with the cardigan. As always I like the white lace hems you add to finish off the girls dresses. I am glad you put Rose at ease and she started to smile again ! The lilac ladies are sooo cute together . Take a bow Cindy for all your work ! Sending hugs to you as well, Terri xo.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hello, Terri. I hope you had a very nice week. Monday through Thursday we’re perfect springlike days around here, so I’m hoping it was like that for you too since you’re not too far away. Thank you for the compliments on Rose’s ensemble. I’ve had a chat with my girls and I’m afraid we have no ideas on how to share them with you. Maybe that will be real future technology–to enlarge and reduce object. How fun would that be!
      Rose was able to see the first crocuses bloom this week which made her squeal with delight. It WAS pretty great! Spring is here!
      Thanks so much for stopping by, Terri! ❤️ I hope you are having a great weekend so far.


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