Winter Beauty–Moody & Something Bright

Hello! I hope you have had a wonderful January, and that it has progressed at the pace most suitable for you. I used to wish January away as quickly as possible, or better yet, I wished to skip it altogether. However, this year (surprise, surprise!) I have thoroughly embraced winter’s dark and moody days.

January is coming to a close with peaceful snowfalls here in northern Illinois. They are so beautiful!!! We don’t have a lot of snow, but it has been snowing lightly on and off for the past couple of days.

We are very lucky to have forest preserves around us. Last Sunday we had the first 2023 daytime snowfall where the conditions were perfect for a walk. My husband and I, along with quite a few others who had the same idea, had a wonderful walk around Hastings Lake. We made these tiny snowmen on the railing of one of the bridges. The snow was packable, but not pliable, so this was the best we could do. Anyway, I thought these doll sized snowmen were cute. ⛄️⛄️

Now for something bright which, by the way, I had to create myself. The sun, it seems, is hibernating for the winter 😴. My Ruby Red Fashion Friend, Holly, hopes to brighten up your day with the first ensemble for 2023.

Holly is dressed as sunnily as you can get. The fabric I used to sew her dress looks like a 1930s reproductions print. I’ve had this fabric since 2016, so it is now hard to find. However, an Etsy seller in Australia has some yardage. The fabric is called Bread n Butter Yellow Pansies by American Jane (Moda Fabrics).

Holly’s longer a-line cardigan is knit with off white merino wool yarn and is embroidered all along the neckline with matching green leaves, deep peach blossoms, and tiny vintage red beads. The cardigan buttons with matching deep peach bead buttons.

Holly’s hair ribbon and sash are sunshine yellow grosgrain ribbons. Her ivory tights are in a warm cotton/lycra ribbed fabric. Her bracelet is made with porcelain green beads which match perfectly in style and color, ivory pearls, and yellow seed beads. A peach/clear glass heart dangles from the bracelet. I’ve embellished Holly’s teddy with a bow made from the dress fabric.

I think that both Holly and her teddy are ready for a cozy day playing inside while the snow falls outside. She’d like to invite you over too.

How has January been for you? Has it gone by quickly or sluggishly? Sending you hugs from the dolls and I.🤗 We thank you so much for stopping by to visit with us today.❤️ Bye for now. 👋

16 thoughts on “Winter Beauty–Moody & Something Bright

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Bonjour Corinne. Merci! Les ours en peluche sont toujours les préférés des poupées ! Je vous remercie d’être passé et de laisser un commentaire. Je vous souhaite un beau week-end !❤️
      Hello, Corinne. Thank you! Teddy bears are always a favorite with the dolls! I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment. Wishing you a beautiful weekend!❤️

  1. Fanfan

    j’aime bien les petits bonhommes de neige..Chez nous, dans le nord de la France..pas de neige….Belle promenade pour vous il faut profiter de ces beaux instants… La tenue de ta demoiselle est superbe!!! Bravo!! bonne journée…Fanfan
    traduit avec Google : I like the little snowmen.. At home, in the north of France.. no snow…. Nice walk for you, you have to take advantage of these beautiful moments… Your young lady’s outfit is superb !!! Cheer!! have a nice day…Fanfan

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Bonjour Fanfan. Merci! Holly dit “merci” aussi.
      Croiriez-vous qu’il neige encore aujourd’hui et qu’il neigera davantage demain ! Toute la semaine, il ne cesse de neiger. Si vous souhaitez de la neige là où vous l’habitez, j’espère que vous en aurez aussi. C’est magnifique !!!❄️ J’espère que vous profitez bien du week-end.❤️
      Hello, Fanfan. Thank you! Holly says ‘thank you’ also.
      Would you believe it is still snowing today with more coming tomorrow! All week long it keeps snowing. If you wish for snow where you live it, I hope you get some snow, too. It’s beautiful!!!❄️ I hope you enjoy the weekend.❤️

  2. Marie

    Such a pretty dress! ….and I love the work on the cardigan! Excellent work, as usual…thank you for sharing and brightening these gloomy days! 🤗

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thanks so much, Marie. ❤️ This cardigan embroidery was a little different than the usual. The dress seemed like it had enough going on with all the bright flowers.
      I am happy to brighten you days a little bit. Today, again, it is snowing by me. And more snow tomorrow!❄️

  3. Joy

    Well, Holly looks all set for the spring days ahead. Great colors. Love the longer sweater. We’ve been in the 70’s for a few days, but are flipping back to cooler weather in the 50’s in the next couple of days. It was a nice break from the endless days of rain/flooding we had here in CA.
    Ruby Red Galleria has a mini Sara(RRFF) on preorder starting tomorrow. She is 8″ and on the Ten Ping body so has full articulation. She will be a cute little sis for Sara, and also a friend for Ten Ping. 🙂

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Joy. Ah, spring… just hearing that word makes me happy! The start of nature coming to life again is so magical to me. Can’t wait…
      It is nice that you finally are drying out. Such scary weather you all had out there. I would take temps in the 50s right now. That sounds downright balmy. Can’t complain though… it’s winter… and I live in the midwest.
      I had to go and immediately check our min Sara (as soon as I read your words, ha ha). She’s adorable. Hmm… maybe… I’ve been so good lately. Isn’t it great that we love dolls so much!!! I mean we could have worse addictions, right? You have seriously tempted me, Joy. Will mini Sara be joining your bunch?
      ❤️ Have a wonderful weekend, Joy!

    2. Joy

      I’ve been going back and forth on little Sara. Since it is not an immediate grab, I don’t have to rush. Although, she is on sale for a bit. 🙂 She’s small and won’t take up much room….

  4. Debra

    That fabric is the “polar” opposite of your snowy pictures. The sweet embroidery on the cardigan is just the right balance to the sunny, bright print. Thanks for sharing your work with your readers. Such an inspiration to get my dolls dressed for spring. Our January has been so much better than last year so we are calm and happy with crisp, sunny winter days.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hello, Debra. Thank you! I had two other outfits in the works, but ‘needed’ to complete something sunny and happy. In all of December and January we’ve only had a handful of sunny days. I guess I’d rather get the cloudy days over with in the winter so that the sun can shine a lot in the spring. (I wish!)😑
      Your winter weather sounds amazing! Enjoy!
      ❤️Wishing you a restful and beautiful weekend!

  5. Terrigirl2021

    Hi Cindy ! I have to say January is the month I like to get past the most. It is a long month coming after December and the build up to Christmas. And it is sooo cold here ! We got lots of snow , it is piling up. The forest preserves must be so nice to have right there. The snowmen are cute ! Holly certainly has brightened up my day . The fabric for the dress is a gorgeous print and I love the name , bread and butter pansies! Holly’s dress looks so pretty on her , and the cardigan and embroidery are top class as always. Awww I would so love to come over and play with Holly and Teddy , maybe get to play dress up! Sending hugs to you and all the girls , Terri ❤❤❤

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thanks for stopping by, Terri. I hope you’ve had a good week even though it has been cold by you. We had a short cold spell and now practically all the snow has melted after many above freezing days in a row.
      Thank you for the compliments on Holly’s new ensemble. I am enjoying looking at her all dressed up while working in my sewing room. She is a pleasure to have around–always smiling.😄
      I hope you enjoy your evening!❤️

  6. agaperus

    I just adore your posts! your creations are one of a kind and brilliant! 🙂 so i know you create the clothes, do you also create the dolls? They are part of the fun! 🙂


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