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This Past Week In & Out

I managed to capture a few highlights of the week in my studio and outside the house.

Spring is progressing quite nicely here in northern Illinois.  For the most part the trees are looking leafy green now except for a couple of varieties.  Just today our honeysuckle bushes have started blooming.  I brought a few branches in the house; their scent is heavenly.

honeysuckle 127

honeysuckle 132

honeysuckle 129

Our lilac bush which has deep red violet blossoms is just starting to bloom as well, but the lilac bushes that we have around the house still have the tiniest beginnings of flower buds on their branches.

lilacs 169

lilacs 164

lilacs 135

tulip 145

phlox 154The forget-me-nots self sow every year.  During the week I picked a few sprigs of phlox and forget-me-nots to put in a tiny vase in the house and they are still looking fresh.

forget-me-not 158

One of the fabrics that I had in my online shopping cart was almost sold out, so I finally placed an order for more, yes more, fabric.  Also, Knit Picks was offering a free skein of Lindy Chain and I had been wanting to try it, so I placed an order for yarn too.  It’s always a bit like Christmas when a box of yummy supplies is delivered, and this week I had two of them.

fabric 082

fabric 091

fabric 089I’ve no idea yet what the above panel will be for.  I will probably (someday) use it for a quilt throw.  It was too cute to pass up.

yarn 116

yarn 120Lindy Chain is a pima cotton/linen blend yarn.  Instead of the plies of yarn being twisted they are chained together.  It is a very interesting yarn, but the reviews I read a while back made it sound like it would be hard to work with especially if you need to rip back.  Has anyone tried knitting with this yarn?

yarn 118I also just received my first skein of Diadem.  It is so, so, so soft and silky!  The fiber content is baby alpaca and mulberry silk, and it is a single ply yarn which I have never tried,  so I have another “something new” to work with.

Even though nothing out of the ordinary happened this week, it FLEW by so very fast!  Did you notice the same thing?

Straightening Up My Studio and New Fabric

I received a new shipment of pretty fabric a couple of weeks ago.  It was my after Thanksgiving (Cyber Monday) order.  Who can resist a sale on fabric especially when tempted with such cute prints and colors?  Certainly not me so I placed a “small” order.  I had been ogling some of these rose prints for weeks.  They reminded me of vintage pillowcases.

new fabric 004

I took one look at my little Victorian bamboo shelf where I store my fabrics that I love to look at and the ones that I want to use very soon.  What a mess it was!  I definitely needed to straighten it up to welcome my beautiful new eye candy.

my folded fabric 997

I fold my fabric around a 10-1/4″ x 6″ cardboard rectangle pattern which I remove after folding.  I found this idea online from the ladies that use comic book backing boards to wrap their fabric around.  The boards work very nicely if you plan on standing up your fabric vertically.   Since the space between my shelves isn’t tall enough for my fabric to stand upright I have to lay it flat.  It still stays neat, but is harder to pull out a piece from the middle of the pile.

Here are the boards in case you’d like to check them out and a You Tube video on how to fold here.

In case you feel inspired, happy straightening up!