(Almost) Real Time Friday

I wanted to pop in and say hello to you all and wish you a great weekend.  We are having a stretch of beautiful days.  Maybe the sun is here to stay?  I can only hope that’s the case.  Sunny days are very uplifting for me.  I hope that you are having a stretch of beautiful days also.

Popping in to say hello means sharing a few images of what’s happening around here.  I have an ensemble finished for the Little Darlings.  And, it’s not pink, blue, or lilac . . . surprise, surprise!

I snapped this photo of Gina this morning and the other two following from our photo shoot yesterday.

sunshine darling 822

sunshine darling 740

sunshine darling 815

I’ve been working on something for Patsy… yes, again, lucky girl.  This ensemble started with the hat.  I originally crocheted this hat to go with “My Blue-ming Garden”, but it wasn’t right for it.  This hat actually fits Patsy better anyway.  Would you believe that I could only find in my stash two fabrics (other than dots or solid white) to coordinate with this hat?  (Guess I need to buy more blue.  lol)  I know that I’ve just used this fabric for the Little Darlings, but it is perfect for our dear Patsy, and she fell in love with it.  The Little Darlings ensemble focused on pink accents and Patsy’s will focus on blue with the pink being secondary.  I plan to knit her a mohair sweater in warm white.

05-20-16 831

05-20-16 825

Here are a couple of photos of fabric that arrived within the last few months.  I’m saving this for fall ensembles.  I think that this is the tiniest rose print that I’ve seen using so many colors.

fabric 836

I get a thrill when I see such cute selvages on fabric.  I’ve never actually made anything with them, but Lollyqquiltz has quite a few ideas about what to do with them.  A tote baglittle girl’s skirtmore ideas, can be found on her blog.  Cute, right!

fabric 839

Thanks for visiting with me today.  Bye for now!

8 thoughts on “(Almost) Real Time Friday

  1. Sonia

    Oh Cindy, the colors of Gina’s ensemble are so beautiful and soft looking and quite different, too! You make such pretty hats and I love hats on dolls.Patsy is a very lucky girl, to have so many pretty ensembles, too!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Sonia,
      Thank you so much for your sweet comments. I pulled this warm melon colored yarn from my stash one day and had to knit a sweater with it ASAP, not sure why. The fabric that I found in my stash picked up the melon colored wool perfectly. I love hats (on dolls, not me, lol) too! Patsy thinks she’s my new favorite; after all, she just got something new last month.

  2. Sonia

    I meant to mention, that we finally are having rain! Pretty much, for the first time, this Spring! It is supposed to rain for 4 days now, but that is a good thing! It snowed 9 inches, just about 5 hrs. to the north of us. Now I wouldn’t like that! I hope your sunny weather hangs around for good, now. Have a nice week-end!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Yay for rain . . . for you, not us! Four days of rain though? That sounds like our weather; maybe we’ll have your weather and have four days of sun! I cannot imagine snow in mid May. Uck! I hope you have a refreshing and cozy weekend, Sonia.

  3. Joy

    Love Gina in the yellow/orange combo. Wouldn’t you know, the one thing I do not keep, selvages, can make such cute little thingys. No, I’m not going to start saving them. 🙂

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy,
      Gina is happy (and I am, too) that you like her new outfit, thank you. I don’t “save” them either, but I haven’t thrown any of the cute one away, so what does that mean? Ha ha!

  4. Marian

    Cindy, Your posts always make me smile. As usual the outfits are wonderful. Love what you do. Marian


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