Daily Archives: May 10, 2016

Another Rainy Day and Week

Good morning, afternoon, or evening, to you all!  Yes, the rain has started up again.  And, it’s forecast through the weekend, maybe even longer.  It’s all good; I am ready!  Boy, this has been such a wet and cool spring!  Yesterday was dreary, but no rain, so I was able to get some outdoor photos of our yard.  I am so glad I took the time outside with my camera yesterday; it was probably my only chance!

This weekend the many crabapple trees on our property came into bloom.  We have white and pink trees.  The pink are a challenge to photograph on a darker day, but you can get an idea anyway.  While taking these photos of our crabapple trees I was immersed in their scent which reminded me of my childhood as we always seemed to have crabapples trees growing in our yard.

crabapples pink 409

crabapples white 435

crabapples pink white 416

crabapples white 461

crabapples white 438

crabapples white 436

crabapples white 459

crabapples pink 467

crabapples pink 468

I took the photo below of our apple tree.  It has very few blossoms on it, so I guess that means not too many apples this fall.

apple tree blossoms 434

Miss Feral Kitty is waiting patiently for me to finish with my photography, so I can go around front and feed her her breakfast.  Notice the flick of her tail, so cute.

kitty 2016 474

This is last year’s nest that a mommy and daddy robin used to raise three babies.

last year's robin nest 457

Okay, another mystery . . . anyone know what this shrub is called?  These flowers are incredibly tiny, maybe 1/4″ or so.  I cannot smell any scent from the flowers.

flowering shrub 470

Another shot to give you an idea at how forget-me-nots spread every year.  Origninally, I had planted one packet.  This is only one tiny area of them.  Luckily, they are easy to pull.

forget-me-nots 428

The latest news from my sewing room is that I did get Patience’s dress remade yesterday, and it is now perfect.  Yay!  I’ve been dyeing pieces of Lycra knit that will be used for tights, socks, and panties while writing this blog post, so now I’ll have four pieces of different pinky shades to choose from.  It seems I use shades of pink or white more than any other color.

Bye for now!  Wishing you all a great day!