Daily Archives: May 22, 2016

“Sunshine Darling”

My Little Darling, Gina, is here to show you what I completed for her this past week.  This color palette was totally outside my comfort zone—no pink, blue, or anything in the purple family.  If you look back at my past photos most of what I make contains one or more of these colors.

This ensemble started out with the yarn.  I pulled a skein of melon colored heathered wool out of my stash (probably on a cloudy day) and HAD to knit a sweater with it ASAP.  It is not orange, but a wonderful shade of melon with flecks of very subtle pale lemon-y yellow throughout.  I happened to have this lovely fabric by Sandy Gervais (Moda Fabrics) in my “recently acquired favorites” stash.  PERFECT!

sunshine darling 765

(Please pardon my horribly wrinkled backdrop.  It’s on my “to do” list for ironing.)

sunshine darling 758

Aren’t the colors in this fabric fresh, bright, and summery?  I love this fabric (even though it contains no pink, blue, or anything purple)!

sunshine darling 815

I wanted to mimic the open feeling of these roses as depicted by the fabric’s designer.  I used tiny seed and Delica beads sewn onto the sweater first, and then made bullion stitches around the bead clusters.

sunshine darling 770

Gina requested a flower cutting basket (just like Lucy’s) out of natural hemp.   You can see the ensemble with my first flower cutting basket here.  These crocheted baskets are perfect for  a bouquet of long stemmed flowers.

sunshine darling 788

The bouquet isn’t attached to the basket, so the Little Darlings can also hold the bouquet separately.

sunshine darling 797

Gina’s wide brimmed hat is crocheted with three different fibers and edged with a matching melon colored cotton.  A hand made wool felt bow decorates the under side of the brim.  She is sunny day, spring/summer ready!

sunshine darling 795

sunshine darling 740

Gina enjoyed our sunny day outside during her photo shoot.  We found a shady spot underneath the apple tree for some great shots.

“Sunshine Darling” will be available Sunday, May 22 (2016), at 7:00 pm, CST.  Go to the “Shop What’s New” page at cindyricedesigns.com at 7:00 for more information on this one-of-a-kind ensemble made for Dianna Effner’s Little Darling dolls.

sunshine darling 762