Daily Archives: May 2, 2016

It’s a Sunny Morning!

It’s beautiful outside!  The sun is shining, the sky is BLUE, the birds are singing!  Glorious! I snapped a few photos to show you, so I can share my sunshine with you.  My kitchen faces west, but you can see shadows in the grass.

orchids 243

And, out the front door (east) the yard is all nice and sunny.  When I am sitting at my kitchen table I can look out both the west facing bay window and the east facing front door.

honeysuckle 237

You can see the last remaining white magnolia blossoms and to the right is one of our (?) flowering bushes.  We also have a larger one which got a little clipping yesterday.  I made a bouquet with quite a few of its blossoms.  They smell absolutely heavenly!

Does anyone know for sure what these are?  We didn’t plant them, so we don’t know.  They smell and look like lilacs, but I couldn’t find this variety anywhere on the internet.  Last year, I must have found a photo of these because I then thought that they were honeysuckle.  I just now searched for honeysuckle and these do not look like the photos I found at all.  Hmmm… any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

honeysuckle 236

honeysuckle 238

honeysuckle 239

Thanks to Orli and April for the links to my flower question from yesterday.  These are called Creeping Charlie here in the U.S. with a European version called Lamium amplexicaule.  Yesterday I discovered this “weed” growing in our yard, but with the fuchsia or magenta blossoms.  They are from the mint family, so a bouquet might be nice.


Hope you all have a beautifully sunny day.  If not, I’m sending some your way.

Bye for now!