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“My ‘Blue’-ming Garden” and Away with the Blues

I am happy to say that my mood is no longer “blue” and the sun is shining for the second morning in a row.  Thank you for all of the uplifting and helpful comments the last couple of days.  It’s been fun hearing from you.

I picked a bouquet yesterday with creeping Charlie (yes, it’s a weed and my husband didn’t think it was funny), phlox, and forget-me-nots.

creeping charlie phlox forget-me-not

The title of Lucy’s ensemble was quite easy to come up with.  Outside of the obvious, it’s blue, and everywhere I look outside I see shades of blue/blue violet blossoms.

my %22blue%22-ming garden 330

Here is Lucy!  She is all ready to stroll around the SUNNY garden paths and collect some flowers to make mom a bouquet for Mother’s Day.

This ensemble ended up having more hand made pieces than what I normally make for an outfit; it was quite labor intensive.  As I was working on this outfit for the Little Darlings, I felt it needed a hat, and then I felt the sweet little crocheted slippers would be perfect… so I went with it, and just kept on creating.  Do you like it?

my %22blue%22-ming garden 335

my %22blue%22-ming garden 293

The hand knit and embroidered mohair/silk lace weight sweater really is “light as a feather” and so soft.  The motifs that I embroidered on the sweater coordinate with the dress print.

my %22blue%22-ming garden 337

Lucy’s crocheted hat is made with three colors of cotton and two different weights.  I wanted it to have the feel of a straw hat, so included a camel color.  It is delicately embellished with cotton lace, silk ribbon, blue blossoms, and seed beads.  I fussed with the bow to get it to lay “just right”.  Everything is carefully hand sewn to this hat with Fray Check added to the ribbon edges.  I love how this photo shows off Lucy’s cute profile.

my %22blue%22-ming garden 350

Lucy’s flower cutting basket is crocheted with hemp.  Her flowers can lay in the basket or she can hold them.  They are secured with a clear band and silk ribbon.

my %22blue%22-ming garden 291

my %22blue%22-ming garden 257

I love these girls in ballet styled slippers.  Their legs are so graceful.  I made these soles out of a matching tan to pick up the natural colors in the hat and basket.

my %22blue%22-ming garden 322

Gina’s drop waist styled dress is simple and perfect for a garden stroll.

my %22blue%22-ming garden 310

my %22blue%22-ming garden 270

my %22blue%22-ming garden 258

Lucy had to have matching panties… a hand dyed and tied silk ribbon to match her dress!

my %22blue%22-ming garden 335

my %22blue%22-ming garden 324

Lucy’s “My ‘Blue’-ming Garden” will be available tonight (May 3, 2016) at 7:00 pm CST, cindyricedesigns.com , link is on the “Shop What’s New” page (at 7pm).