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“Tiny Punkin”, a dress/hat set for Amelia Thimble

Well, fall is officially here.  Bring on the fall colors!  Here is Amelia Thimble modeling her new fall dress/hat set for you.  It is knit in a hand dyed light shade of pumpkin and hand embroidered with teeny tiny bullion stitched pumpkins, white blossoms, and greenery.  Oh, and every pumpkin needs a perfect little stem.  Amelia’s cap is pumpkin shaped and decorated with more embroidery.

tiny punkin 304

tiny punkin 308

tiny punkin 331

tiny punkin 332

tiny punkin 315

For more information on “Tiny Punkin” please visit my website.  Amelia says, “Thanks for visiting and have a great fall night.”


Happy Halloween from Riley, Tulah, and Zsu Zse!


20 group halloween 2005These sweet little dolls came to your house to trick-or-treat.  Do you have any candy for them?

I dug this photo out of my archives.  I made these outfits in 2005!  Gosh, I cannot believe it’s been eight years.  The sweaters are crocheted.  I remember making the little candy corn buttons out of artists clay and then painting those tiny pieces with my tubes of acrylic paint.

Back in 2005 (and for the next four years) these Kish littles were primarily the dolls I was dressing.  Botanic Riley was my first “expensive” collector doll.  I cannot remember exactly how much I paid for her, but she was in the low $100’s.  I thought I would never spend more on a doll.  Well, things have sure changed…

14 riley halloween 2005

15 tulah halloween 2005

16 zsu zse halloween 2005

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

It’s Starting to Feel a Bit Like Halloween

I’ve been pulling out my orange fabrics and embroidery threads, mixing up different shades of orange dye for my wool, and buying tiny pumpkins and candy corn for photo shoots.  So here in my studio it is “starting to feel a bit like Halloween” even though it is still over a month away.

halloween dresses 959

I made three teeny tiny dresses for Amelia Thimble.  I custom mixed and hand dyed all the oranges for these dresses.  The embroidery took some thought.  It was a challenge figuring out how to embroider pumpkins and candy corn.  The first dress coordinates with an outfit I made for Wilde Imagination’s new Patience doll.  See pics below Amelia.

li'l pumpkin patch 902

pumpkin love 909

li'l candy corn 921

pumpkin time 867

Here is Patience in her new outfit.  I absolutely love this new doll.  I wish there was more time in the day.  There are so many things I would like to make for her.

pumpkin time 837

pumpkin time 863

pumpkins 800

pumpkins 817

pumpkins 823

And, there is Amelia being a bit of a rascal again.  Patience is appropriately named and puts up with all of Amelia’s shenanigans.

pumpkins 889

Amelia is a helpful rascal.  Here she is showing off Patience’s sweater.

Please visit Cindy Rice Designs for more information on these outfits.