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“A Cozy White Christmas”

My Kish Alisha (an 8″ bent leg baby) has a new Christmas ensemble to show you.  It is made to coordinate with the last four winter white sets that I made for the Little Darlings, Riley, Pukipuki, and Amelia Thimble.  Here’s a photo of those four sets.  Unfortunately these four sets have moved on to dress their new girls for Christmas, so I cannot take a group shot of the five of them all together.  You can use your imagination to place Alisha in this photo.

christmas gina riley sugar amelia 286

a cozy white christmas 759I love Alisha in headbands; they really show off her super soft, curly, reddish-brown mohair wig, so no Santa hat for Alisha.  Instead I hand crafted a delicate headband out of English lace that I hand dyed to a bright red.

a cozy white christmas 754

I made this dress full enough, so that Alisha can sit as well as stand in it.  Alisha may take her first steps this Christmas.

a cozy white christmas 752

a cozy white christmas 760

a cozy white christmas 749

For more information on Alisha’s “A Cozy White Christmas”, please visit my “Shop What’s New” page at cindyricedesigns.com.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!  We’re waking up to a wet and dark Halloween.  Hopefully it will improve; they say it it will.

Last year trick or treating was during a rainstorm and the temperature was in the 30s (brrr) and very, very few children came around, maybe three.  Really, who could blame them, wet AND cold!  My husband had lots and lots of candy bars to munch on until Christmas;   I’m sure he didn’t mind.

In honor of Halloween I have collected past photos of my girls dressed for the occasion.

mini pumpkin patch 012 puki's pumpkin patch 893 bitsy pumpkin patch 847

20 group halloween 2005

Hope you have crisp, fall weather for the trick-or-treaters!  Enjoy the day!  Bye for now.

Getting Sidetracked and Silly Mistakes

I got all the way through knitting this Santa hat for Amelia Thimble before I realized I was following a pattern written for the Little Darlings.  (I do things like this sometimes often.)  Now you would think, no problem, Gina has a new hat.  Nope, the problem is that it came out much smaller because I was using lace weight yarn and the sized needles that I normally use for knitting Amelia’s things.  So what I have is a Santa hat that is too small for the Little Darlings and too large for Amelia Thimble.  Does this sound like a Goldilocks and 3 Bears dilemma?

christmas riley santa hat 649Now I’m off to see which (if any) doll this will fit.  Kish Alisha?  No, too small.  Pukipuki Sugar?  No, too big.  Kish Riley?  Just right!  Anyone interested in a Santa hat for Riley?

christmas riley santa hat 653As planned, I took my photos yesterday… evening, right before it got too dark.  Remember my morning photo of my three girls who were standing around waiting for the photo shoot to begin?

christmas gina millie sugar 542Well, I mistakenly or stupidly thought that the f-stop of 6.3 would be okay.  No, it wasn’t okay.  I think Gina’s photos might work (just barely), but Millie’s and Sugar’s are most definitely not useable.  Their faces are in focus, but their clothing is not.  They are smaller, so I shot the photos from a shorter distance, it’s funny how that works.  Since Sugar is the smallest doll, her photo are the worst.  The embroidery on the waistline of her dress is even out of focus.  Time for a do over on those two.

Hopefully, today will go better.  I started Patience’s dress, the pieces are cut out, but not sewn.  Bye for now, I need to get to work and stay on track today.