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New Knitting Pattern for the Little Darlings

Finally, after 4 sample/test knits this pattern is ready for you! ¬†I am just a wee bit tired of knitting jumper pinafores at the moment, but I wanted to plough through and get this one to you for your autumn knitting pleasure. ūüôā ¬†I hope you enjoy knitting it.

If you’ve been following my posts, you’ll know that this design was inspired by a vintage ¬† jumper I saw quite awhile ago on Pinterest. ¬†I’ve no idea who the original designer was. ¬†If anyone knows, please let me know.

LD pinafore jumper pattern p1

the gift of learning 303jumpin' into the holidays 630

This pinafore is quite easy to knit with minimal shaping. ¬†It’s knit flat with plackets for buttons and buttonholes on the back. ¬†You’ll start at the bottom with a seed stitch border and go up. ¬†Stockinette stitch is used for most of the skirt. ¬†As you get to the fitted high waistband, you’ll make decorative decreases which look like soft gathers or pleats.

When the entire skirt is finished, stitches are picked up for the straps. ¬†I don’t like picking up stitches, probably because I haven’t practiced enough, but these are a very small number to pick up, and they’re picked up along a straight edge. ¬†It wasn’t hard at all, and I’ve included tips. ¬†If you really don’t want to pick up stitches simply knit the straps then sew them on.

Working buttonholes are added to the straps and for the first three buttons. ¬†The remainder of the buttons are sewn through both plackets, as they’re not needed for dressing.

The Little Darlings have sloped shoulders, and the straps are meant to fall right at the shoulder/arm joint, so the straps need a fabric blouse or t-shirt to “grip” onto. ¬†I’ve used quilter’s cotton which works nicely. ¬†If you have the top already made you can adjust the straps when you get to this point in the pattern. ¬†The straps could be lengthened and criss crossed in the back too.

do you want to color? 355

The buttonholes are made with a yarn over. ¬†These buttonholes are just a tiny bit larger than the ones on my sweater patterns. ¬†Four millimeter beads will still work, but five millimeter beads or 1/4″ buttons are a better fit. ¬†If you’re using the smaller size, making good thread shanks is important.

I’ve use Knit Picks fingering weight yarn for these three pinafores: ¬†Stroll Tweed Sock in North Pole Heather, Palette in a blue heather, and Gloss in cranberry. ¬†The gauges came out slightly different for each, but all three different yarns worked with the same pattern.

I wish all of you a wonderful day! ¬†Thanks for visiting with me today. ‚̧

Dress Sets From My Tinies Closet

A giant hello to you all from my tiniest girls, Amelia Thimble and Izzy.

They have some news for you today. ¬†Amelia and Izzy will be offering their new dress sets up for sale tonight. ¬†They’ve had fun modeling them for you, and now would like to share them with their tiny friends.

5 dresses 379

We’ve been busy little bees working on these for quite a while now. ¬†It’s been almost a year since I’ve made these tiny dresses, and I must say I enjoyed working on them once again. ¬†Below are some in progress photos.

5 dresses 368

In progress . . . and the two collaborating a bit.

5 dresses 3478

The modeling has begun.

amelia izzy 2017 382

The final photo shoot of the dresses.  Each girl got a chance to model two dresses.

crisp days with blue skies 384

it's turning cozy 400

fly, fly away home 423

teensiest in the patch 447

The 2-piece dress and hat/headband sets will be available tonight (September 20, 2017) at 7:00 pm CST, cindyricedesigns.com.

4 dresses 469

I hope you all have a wonderful day.




Another New Knitting Pattern!

Wow! Two in a month! ¬†Not a lot of new ensembles made this month, but hey, two new patterns! ¬†I’d say I’ve had a busy month.

My newest pattern is for dear, sweet Patience! ¬†It’s her first, and she’s very excited!

I included Patience’s measurements on the for sale page as well as in the pattern in case you have a doll that might be close to her in size. ¬†I’ve always thought she is about like Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken, not including her head, of course.

patience classic cardigan pattern p1.jpg

I hope you all are having a great day today! ¬†It’s a crystal clear sunny, yet cool day here in northern Illinois.