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“Delicate Summertime”

It’s my little Kaye Wiggs Millie’s turn to show you something new. ¬†She doesn’t get a whole lot of attention, so when she does it’s very exciting for her. ūüôā

For Millie’s ensemble I used a Japanese cotton floral fabric that I purchased in 2012. ¬†It’s from Lecien’s Flower Sugar 2012 collection. ¬†The colors in this print are crystal clear, not neutral at all. ¬†Also, the light blue is perfectly blue, not going towards aqua or the other way, to violet.

delicate summertime 436

delicate summertime 481

delicate summertime 446

Millie’s light pink cotton sweater is an embroidered garden of bullion stitched roses and colonial knot flowers.

delicate summertime 405

Of course, since it’s summertime, a wide brimmed hat is in order to keep the sun out of Millie’s baby blue eyes. ¬†This crocheted hat is made with 3 different strands of white in two thread weights and two different fibers, cotton and bamboo. ¬†I added a shell edging in the same pink as used for the cardigan. ¬†The brim can be turned up or down, or one side up for a jaunty look. ¬†The hat’s band is made with the same fabric as used for the dress. ¬†A little hand made bow is made with the same organza ribbon used for the waistline sash on the dress. ¬†I’ve added a row of tiny white pearls to the center of the bow.

delicate summertime 443

Millie’s accessories include a crocheted basket, so fine and tiny, and a bouquet of bright pink flowers. ¬†A bracelet and pink tights are also included with her new ensemble.

delicate summertime 457

Millie’s “Delicately Summertime” ensemble will be available tonight (June 28, 2017) at 7:00 pm CST, cindyricedesigns.com.

“Spring Means Hoppiness” for Miss Millie

Hello everyone . . . from sunny, but cold,¬†northern Illinois. ¬†I think this is my favorite part of the weekend; it’s Saturday morning, and the whole weekend is ahead. ¬†I know that some of you, across the globe, are already well into your weekend. ¬†I hope it’s going well.

I think I had a productive week. ¬†Things (finished ensembles) are starting to pile up (I have three, and three more in the planning stage, and one pattern almost all written) and are overwhelming me. ¬†It’s time to get what I have completed¬†on my website for you all to enjoy.

Today, I will share Millie’s, my Kaye Wiggs 11″ BJD, new ensemble with you. ¬†You’ve probably already caught glimpses of this one in a previous post, on Facebook and Instagram, but here it is complete.

spring means hoppiness 621

This dress is made with the same print as I used for my last Little Darling ensemble, but this one is in blush pink. ¬†Isn’t it delicate? ¬†It’s hard to see, but there are the tiniest white pin dots silkscreened on this print.

spring means hoppiness 645

A row of scalloped English cotton Cluny lace is snugged underneath a tuck on the skirt.  An asymmetrical hand made rayon ribbon bow highlights the lace and tuck.

spring means hoppiness 646

spring means hoppiness 666

Millie’s “light as a feather” cardigan is made with warm white mohair/silk lace yarn. ¬†I’ve embroidered two mirrored rose bouquet motifs on the front of the sweater. ¬†The cardi looks cute worn open or buttoned.

spring means hoppiness 593

Pip the bunny comes along with Millie’s ensemble. ¬†I named him Pip (both begin with the letter p and are three letters long, ha ha) because he looks like Pat the Bunny created by Dorothy Kunhardt. ¬†Pip is needle felted with wool roving, has sewn on seed bead eyes and an embroidered nose. ¬†Boys can wear pink, and Pip wears it well, doesn’t he?

spring means hoppiness 628

spring means hoppiness 640

Millie’s other accessories include a crocheted and beaded headband with a matching hand made bow, white chunky knit cotton tights, and a bracelet. ¬†In case you are wondering, this ensemble was made with great care and love, and is filled with hugs from Pip. ¬†He’s a great hugger.

spring means hoppiness 628

“Spring Means Hoppiness” will be available tonight (March 11, 2017) at 7:00 pm CST, cindyricedesigns.com.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, despite winter making a reappearance.

Thanks for visiting with me today!

“Toasty Warm Holiday”


It was quite a nippy morning when Millie and I had our photo shoot last week. ¬†Doesn’t she look¬†toasty warm in her fuzzy hand made¬†knitwear. ¬†She even has a little muff hand warmer, lucky girl.


Did you have a muff hand warmer when you were young?  I had one in white (most likely) rabbit fur when I was quite little.  It had a little fox face on it which mesmerized me.  To satisfy my curiosity, I went looking on ebay to see if I could find a muff like the one I remembered.  This is what I found!  I think I remembered correctly.

Millie’s muff is hand knit, and ¬†her bracelet is attached as the handle; it can dangle from her wrist.

Her¬†dress is made with the same botanical holiday print as I recently used for Gracie’s “Holiday Botanicals” ensemble. ¬†Gracie’s was in a different colorway, a deep red background. ¬†You can see that one here. ¬†I think I like both colorways equally?



Millie’s vintage-looking headband cap is extremely lacy looking and made to just covers the tips of her ears. ¬† A tiny bit of leaf embroidery and red tassels decorate the cap.


The “light-as-a-feather” white mohair/silk sweater is embroidered with mirrored poinsettia motifs. ¬†The sleeves are more generously sized and give more of an outerwear look. ¬†The sweater closes with deep red glass pearls.


Millie’s tiny gem of an ornament is made with an olivine AB bicone crystal and mother-of-pearl beads. ¬†A hand made red organza¬†(matches dress sash)¬†bow and hang tie is sewn onto a metal jewelry ring.


I made Millie a teeny tiny white silk bow that I’ll include with the ensemble. ¬†It is too tiny for a clip or crocheted tie, so I attach it to her hair with a red tipped straight pin stuck parallel with the wig cap. ¬†The little bow in their hair reminds me of the actress, Rose Marie, (from the Dick Van Dyke show) that always wore a bow in her hair. ¬†BTW, Rose Marie is 93, and she has a Facebook page!


This one-of-a-kind “Toasty Warm Holiday” ensemble made for Kaye Wigs “illies” or Millie, Tillie, Lillie (11″ BJDs) will be available November 16, 2016 at 7:00 pm CST, cindyricedesigns.com.