Amelia Thimble in the Apple Tree

There’s been a lot of excitement over here having to do with our apple tree.  After six seasons living here (the tree is much older) we have apples.  Now they are not the most beautiful apples, but they are apples that we can actually eat.  Anyway, teeny tiny 4″ Amelia Thimble couldn’t contain the excitement in her bitsy doll body and wanted to experience the apple tree for herself.  She is such an agile little thing and held on tight the whole time.  I grabbed some pictures of her climbing amongst the apples. Thought I’d share these with you.  She looks quite proud of herself, doesn’t she?

In the Apple Tree 284

In the Apple Tree 269

In the Apple Tree 271

In the Apple Tree 277

6 thoughts on “Amelia Thimble in the Apple Tree

  1. Debra Roe

    Hi Cindy, Even though I’m not ready to buy my Amelia a new dress, I wanted to let you know how beautiful your work is and how much I enjoy seeing your photographs. I really like how you posed Amelia in the apple tree…very nice. Best regards, Debra Roe PS – still waiting for my Little Darling…probably a few more months.

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    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thank you, Debra. I love hearing from you. Wow, those Little Darlings test a new mom’s patience, don’t they? They are definitely worth the wait though. Hope your new cutie pie arrives soon.

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