A Little Winter Joy

hibiscus tea 234

One thing that I love about winter evenings is how cozy it is to be indoors where it is warm and toasty and the light is warm and comforting while it is dark outside.  Our homes are never more welcoming than when it is blustery, cold, and dark outside.

My daughter received the cutest little teapot and warmer for Christmas from her aunt, uncle, and cousins.  It is so beautiful in it’s simplicity that it makes the tea drinking experience extra special.  During the evening on New Year’s Day, we enjoyed a pot of Hibiscus tea together.  We used the last two tea bags from the box so I will have to get more.  It is very good iced as well as hot.  Thanks to my sister-in-law, Heather, for introducing me to this new flavor of herbal tea.

hibiscus tea 222

hibiscus tea 227

hibiscus tea 229

hibiscus tea 238

hibiscus tea 242

4 thoughts on “A Little Winter Joy

  1. Sharon in Spain x

    What a sweet little glass pot. I have to be honest and say that I’m not into the ‘flavoured’ teas, and am a boring basic hot tea with milk person, but I do love the ‘thought’ of the fancier ones 😉
    And they smell so nice too, especially the fruity ones 🙂
    Big hugs and Happy New Year!
    Sharon in Spain xx

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Happy New Year, Sharon. I hear you. I’ve been getting over a cold and my friend, first thing in the morning, has been Irish Breakfast tea with honey and a tablespoon of cream. It made me feel so much better.


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