Super Snow Sunday

It’s been snowing all day and night and it’s still coming down.  What a great day to stay inside and have nowhere to go.  It’s cozy and warm inside and so pretty outside.  Early this morning the birds were oh so busy at the feeder.

snow 954

snow 945

The view early this morning out my studio window.

snow 946

Another picture outside my studio in the morning (above) and in the evening (below).  You can see the snow’s progress on the side of the decking.  The deck skirting is all under the snow in the picture below.

snow 022

sweater in progress 004

I made some progress on this sweater for the Little Darlings today while watching the snow fall.

sweater in progress 006

drying off 989

My boy had a bath today and dried off his coat in front of the fire.

orchids 994

coffee 999How was your Super Snow Sunday?


14 thoughts on “Super Snow Sunday

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thank you, Pennie. Our little guy guy is so sweet. He loves all of us, even our golden. However, our parakeet gets on his nerves if he is out. The bird torments him, so silly, really.

  1. Jeanne

    Oh brrrrrr! I will take the rain we got over your snow any day of the week! Can’t wait to see your finished sweater! Stay warm!
    Blessings , Jeanne

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Oh, lucky you to not have gotten all this snow! We got about 18″ with huge drifts. It will be a lot of work clearing it away. Luckily, schools are closed. The roads probably aren’t very good either.

  2. Catherine

    It was snowing at home too! The birds are hungry!
    Thank you for your beautiful pictures!
    Have a good week!
    Warm regards.

  3. Phyllis Johnston

    Such a beautiful view! SOMETIMES I miss having a snow day like this – staying in warm and cozy by the fire. Now I find in AZ I have come to rely on the sunshine! I love the yarn and color you have chosen for a new LD sweater – can’t wait to see it finished! I am so envious as I would love to learn how to knit. Those needles look very tiny! Have a wonderful day snuggled in tight and warm!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Phyllis. It IS beautiful while it comes down. Now, it’s two days later and it could all melt…please! There are lots of videos on You Tube if you want to start knitting. You could do it!

  4. Eva Marie

    The Phoenix weather had been teasing us with clouds and sprinkles on Friday and Saturday but on Super Bowl Sunday the sun came out, shined all day and the game was played under a cloudless sky. I’m not a football fan but I am a fan of football fans. All week long they’ve been dressing up our streets with their team colors. Rumors of people spotting this or that football player at this or that restaurant. Empty streets Sunday as everyone prepared for the game. Parties up and down my street. As I took my walk Sunday evening most of my neighbors had their doors wide open so I could hear the play by plays mixed in with cheers, hoots, and laughter. It was a wonderful day.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      It’s glorious by you. Just imagining weather like yours makes me feel better. After the initial snowfall is over we are left with a mess which I don’t like. It’s very hard to get around. Sounds like you had a festive Super Bowl week! Thanks for writing.


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