Some Springtime Thoughts for the Winter Weary

Are you tired of winter?  I am, most definitely.  It’s hard when you think you’ve gotten through the bulk of it (January, it’s the worst, right?) and here comes February and shows you that winter hasn’t even started yet.

I know that here in Illinois we shouldn’t be complaining.  Compared to those that live out east we’ve practically gotten off Scott-free.  Nevertheless, I am tired of the cold and snow.

I have had a busy week and a half working on more springlike outfits for the Little Darlings, Patience, and Amelia Thimble.  So, I continue to create my own garden here inside with pretty fabrics, colorful thread and yarn, and various kinds of needles.  I have everything I need here in my small studio to invent a bit of spring when there isn’t anything at all outside except snow… and more snow.

I cannot help thinking that since we are on the back side of February this all has to be over soon, right?  We can only hope.

After a busy day yesterday spent photographing, editing, and updating sites I have something new to show you for the Little Darlings and I promise it is very springlike.

I love pink and blue and often wonder which is my favorite color.  I never can decide.  I think that I love them both equally which is why I so enjoyed creating this outfit.  It is a lot of pink and a lot of blue!

pretty in pink with blue too 336

pretty in pink with blue too 348

pretty in pink with blue too 362

pretty in pink with blue too 378

pretty in pink with blue too 353

pretty in pink with blue too 360

What about you, do you like pink or blue?

A huge apology is due here.  This set for the Little Darlings got mistakenly published on my website last night so is no longer available for sale.  So, so sorry!!!  I am definitely red faced this morning.  I hope you enjoyed the springtime photos anyway.

6 thoughts on “Some Springtime Thoughts for the Winter Weary

  1. Catherine

    This outfit is really wonderful!
    I like pink and blue equally too!
    Sorry that the set is no longer available for sale!! but I don’t know if you can ship to France.
    Thank you very much for this delight!
    Friendly yours.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Catherine. I will ship little outfits for Amelia Thimble to France if they can go by first class airmail. Priority shipping is so expensive which is how the larger outfits are shipped as they need a box. Thank you for your sweet comments.


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