Patience in Purple Roses

Do you know the meaning of purple roses?  I must confess that I didn’t even think purple roses actually existed so I googled purple roses and read about them here.  They are real, a human invention, but they do exist.

Purple roses convey enchantment and enthrallment which is definitely how I felt about Patience the very first time I caught a glimpse of her.  Who better to wear my new doll ensemble featuring this beautiful fabric of purple roses.

passion for purple roses 305

Even though the word enchantment by definition can be fleeting, I am still much enchanted with Patience, aren’t you?

passion for purple roses 325

passion for purple roses 301

passion for purple roses 382

passion for purple roses 314

passion for purple roses 310

For more information on “Passion for Purple Roses” please visit the “Available for Sale” page on .

6 thoughts on “Patience in Purple Roses

  1. Jeanne

    Oh Cindy,
    I have a new favorite now! Patience’s dress is absolutely adorable. You matched the yarn to her dress with PERFECTION! It is divine!!! That fabric for her dress is SO SO pretty and her little sweater is even prettier! You are a master at what you do!
    Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Cindy Rice Post author

    Hello, Jeanne. I originally made this sweater for another Patience dress awhile ago and I didn’t like the match so the sweater was waiting… I received this fabric a couple of months ago and just realized it was the perfect match for this sweater. So happy when that happens. Thank you for your sweet comments. Hope your weekend is wonderful!

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