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Summer Means Lots of “Blue Skies, Sunny Days”

A picture perfect blue sky along with a sunny day is the kind of summer day I had during this photo shoot with Millie.  It was a pleasure being outside and taking these pictures of her.  I thought she looked lovely outdoors.

blue skies, sunny days 738

blue skies, sunny days 747

blue skies, sunny days 743

blue skies, sunny days 782

Millie finally got her very own light as a feather mohair/silk embroidered sweater.  It is embroidered with sunny yellow roses and blue colonial knot sprays of flowers.

Millie is wearing her new wig that I ordered just for this ensemble.  It is a mohair bob from Kemper.  You can see it here.  I needed to play hair dresser and trim it a bit because it was way long.  Trimming the wig was actually quite easy to do.

blue skies, sunny days 753Using the pool as a back drop added the most gorgeous turquoise color behind Millie.  Secretly, I think she wished she could take a dip in the cool water.

blue skies, sunny days 795Millie has a golden yellow blossom for you that she picked from the garden while we were outside.  Isn’t she a sweetheart?

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A New Knit Dress Ensemble for the Little Darlings

Phew, it feels GREAT to have gotten  something completed today and the Little Darlings get something new…yes, again.  I finished something new for Millie mid week, but felt that I really needed another wig so that the ensemble looked its best for the photo shoot.  So, poor Millie is in limbo right now waiting for the mail service to do its work.

I spent a day and a half this past week working on a new styled dress for Talyssa.  I am so HAPPY with how the dress looks on her and will finish up the other pieces of her ensemble this coming week so she can model it for you.

And, here is Gina, my Little Darling, modeling “Summer Blooms” which I put the finishing touches on this morning.  I actually started knitting this sweater dress two weeks ago.  These little babies take awhile to knit (remember they have over 10,000 stitches in each dress), so I would pick it up between projects.  If I didn’t work on it this way, I would really feel like nothing was getting completed.  If you’d like to read about my first fine gauge sweater dress that I made for the Little Darlings you can find it HERE and HERE is the second one that I made for them.  I added a crocheted cap to this one; it seemed like the perfect summery touch for this ensemble.

summer blooms 537

summer blooms 601

summer blooms 589

summer blooms 575

summer blooms 590

summer blooms 538

summer blooms 571

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“Perfectly Pink” for My Sweet Little Darling

I hope you don’t get tired of seeing pink on my Little Darling because it seems to be Gina’s most favorite color in the whole world.  Gina is a girly girl through and through and I love that about her.

I decided to call this ensemble “Perfectly Pink” because it is the perfect shade of pink, not too blush-y or violet-y, just pink.  When this shade gets paired with yellow, kelly green, and white cotton accents it shouts summer, don’t you think?

perfectly pink b 450

perfectly pink 454

Gina’s crocheted hat frames her sweet face perfectly.  A matching band decorates the crown and a hand made wool felt flower and crocheted leaf draw your eye to this darling’s face.

perfectly pink 448

Gina’s light and summery sweater is hand knit in white bamboo with a lacy panel running along the center of each sleeve.  A pair of mirrored image floral motifs in coordinating colors adorn the center front of the sweater.

perfectly pink 462

perfectly pink 487

This summery ensemble wouldn’t be complete without a pair of crocheted ballet slipper shoes in cotton thread with matching roses on the sides of each shoe.  I love the way these tiny slippers show off the Little Darlings delicately shaped feet and ankles.

perfectly pink 461

perfectly pink 467

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