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“Pretty for Fall” or Anytime

My latest ensemble for Gina can be worn anytime, I think.  The color palette is slightly muted and it includes a beret which are fall-ish elements, but you can replace the beret with a hair ribbon and the boots with a pair of shoes and this ensemble could be worn in the spring, couldn’t it?

pretty for fall 384

pretty for fall 388

pretty for fall 378The sweater and hat set are knit with lace weight natural colored merino wool yarn.  I added white glass pearls for the buttons which tie in nicely with the warm white lace.  The lace is a fine cotton Cluny lace that was made in England.  The ribbons are rayon and were hand dyed along with the tights.

pretty for fall 414I used four shades of rosy salmon colored embroidery thread for the roses with a touch of muted aqua-y blue to embroider the colonial knots.

pretty for fall 402I realized after the photo shoot was over Gina’s pretty pink tights were hidden because of her boots and the angle of my shots.  You can see a bit of them in the above photo.

Gina looks so sweet looking up at me.

pretty for fall 1876For more information on Gina’s “Pretty for Fall” ensemble, please visit the “Available for Sale” page at .

Doll Downsizing Continues

This past week I got together my next dolls that are looking for new homes and got some photos taken of them.  I decided to put these next two on eBay at the same time since they are the same kind of doll.  I have my 14″ Chrysalis Urban Song and Lark Little Lady up for adoption.  I am keeping my Chasing Butterflies Piper for now.

lark 277

Lark has the most beautifully colored strawberry blonde mohair wig.  When I received her I wanted her to look more contemporary, so I made her tendrils into bangs.  I did have her hair curled into tighter curls at one time, but now only the waves remain.

Here she is holding a pose.

lark 275

lark 269

Song has spent a lot of time with Tamsin watching me sew, knit, crochet, and embroider.  Tamsin will be up for adoption later, but here is Song.

song 322

song 327Song picked up a tiny beauty mark next to her lip.  One of the perils of being a doll, I guess.  I love this closeup of her face.  We can really see how her face was painted.  (No, Helen didn’t paint her.)  Doesn’t it look simple to do?  Well, maybe not.

song 321

song 323

Here are a couple more shots of Lark.  She was NOT painted by Helen either.

lark 276

Such a cute little profile.

lark 274

So, if you think that you would maybe like to bring either (or both) of these sweethearts into your home click on the photo in the right column to be taken to my eBay page where you can enter a bid, if you wish.  (After 9:00 pm, CST)  Sorry, only US shipping for these two.

Just “A Glimpse of Fall”

After all it is still summer, so a glimpse or a little peek is just enough for now.

First off, I would like to offer my apologies to all those who sent me a contact form requesting to purchase “Pink ‘n Plum” for the Little Darlings last week.  There was a flurry of activity going on at home right when I was publishing my website and blog post.  So, between the guilt of wanting to help put away the groceries and get “Pink ‘n Plum” published for 7:00 as promised, I forgot to hit the publish button after marking the ensemble “Sold”.  I promise to do better next time.

Without further ado, here is Millie to show you her “A Glimpse of Fall” ensemble.

Millie and I had a very quick photo shoot on Friday.  It was VERY warm and I didn’t want her to get overheated in her hat and scarf.  Millie is so photogenic that it didn’t take long at all to get some great shots of her.

a glimpse of fall 353Millie’s hand knit accessories (beret and scarf) are made in a beautiful grape colored heathered merino lace weight yarn.  Her cardigan is in the same type of yarn, but in a natural color.

a glimpse of fall 340

a glimpse of fall 369

a glimpse of fall 362

a glimpse of fall 366

Even though Millie looks adorable in her hand knit accessories, I sincerely hope that they aren’t needed for a while.

a glimpse of fall 338

For more information on Millie’s “A Glimpse of Fall” ensemble, please visit the “Available for Sale” page at .