Daily Archives: September 28, 2015

I Am Ready to Be Creative Today!

I straightened up a bit in my studio yesterday, and I do feel better, more relaxed.  I like things to be put away in their place, but I am finding that a lot of creative people thrive with things left out in the open.  It is so interesting to see how everyone is different, right?

Gretchen Rubin, an author who writes, makes video and podcasts (LOVE her podcast, BTW) about happiness and healthy habits often says, “Outer Order Contributes to Inner Calm”.  This saying fits me, most definitely.  I need to be calm and relaxed in order to be creative.  When there is too much clutter I cannot think clearly or create.

It probably looks boring, but I will mess it up again soon, I promise.

09-28-15 327My Bo Bergemann, BJD Bella told the naked Izzy to go get herself some clothes on and poor Lisbet went into her box waiting for her lips to be repainted (some day).  In the meantime, she found a little Kelly doll dressed as a fairy for Halloween.  I dressed Bella in her only other outfit, but she doesn’t remember it, so she thinks it is new.

09-28-15 321My fabric is still towering, but not as much, and is in a neat stack.  I left the Christmas pieces on the top of the pile since I will be using this next.

09-28-15 317My embroidery floss is all put away in its correct color group and in numerical order, so I can find it quickly!

09-28-15 floss 313

09-28-25 314Kish’s Alisha and Tonner’s Lilah (Ann Estelle’s little sister) are dressed for fall.  I kept teddy on the rocking chair, but put away the spring hats and gave him a few pumpkins.

09-28-15 316

Wonder how long things will stay this neat, a day, a week?

Do you thrive with clutter or neatness?

Thanks for reading along.  Have a great Monday!