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Knitting on DPNs

I have tried and tried and tried to knit in the round on double pointed needles.  Finally, I got IT!  Yay, yay, yay!  Does anyone else have trouble with this seemingly simple and elementary knitting skill?

Every time I would try, I’d have needles going every which way; I couldn’t make out what was what, it was a mess, but no more!  Look!

dpn santa hat 341

dpn santa hat 343

dpn santa hat 342

Just in case someone else is having similar difficulties this is what worked for me, or should I say my DPN story.  Ha ha!

Yesterday morning I purchased a Craftsy class called, New Directions in Lace Hats, by Kate Gagnon Osborne and Courtney Kelley.  Courtney was showing a lesson on how to start a hat from the top down which meant using double pointed needles.  I was following along with her method and realized that I had never tried casting onto one needle and then moving the stitches to four.  This was really easy to do and she shows us how.  This eliminated the click clackety mess of needles while casting on, and spreading out my stitches onto four needles instead of three gave more space around and made it easier for me.  (The fifth needle is for knitting the stitches on.)  I did need to go to You Tube and watch Very Pink’s video on Getting Started with DPNs to go from here, but these two videos together made it all work for me.  Thank you so, so much Courtney and Staci!!!

Here are a few more things about this Craftsy class, just in case you are interested.  It comes with three lace hat patterns which are quite pretty.  I am not a hat person, but my dolls are.  There are also a few more things that I think I can learn from this class.  I need to go back to study (and practice) Courtney’s invisible cast on for starting hats from the top down.  It looks like a great technique.  If you crochet, it’s like the adjustable ring or loop.  She also goes into how to increase and decrease within a lace pattern.  I’ve always wondered about how that works while keeping the pattern flowing.  In my opinion, this class was well worth the $14.99 (on sale!) I paid for it.

Now, I want to get back to knitting and finish my hat!  BTW, who knows what this will be?

Do you have a DPN story?

Bye for now and thanks for reading!