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Fabric, Fabric, and More Fabric

Within the past few weeks I have gotten (I don’t know how many) multiple deliveries of fabric.  (I don’t even remember all of the sites that I have ordered from as I keep finding more and more online stores with cute fabric.)  Anyway, I’ve been looking at this ever increasing pile of yummy colors and cute prints knowing that it will be a while until I am able to start using them, but I wanted to show them to you now anyway because they are too pretty not to share.

As always, there are a few here that I am not sure about, a few that I am super excited about, and the in betweens that will work just fine and perhaps even surprise me with the end result.

It can be hard buying fabric online because it is a guessing game as to if it will work for doll clothes or not.  Luckily, 1/2 yard of fabric isn’t too expensive, so if it doesn’t work for doll sewing it might work for a quilt or other project in the future.

Here are a couple of things that I do when shopping for fabric online.  To assess the scale of a particular fabric, I enlarge the swatch on my screen to actual size.  On my Macbook I hold down the command key and use two fingers to swipe up on the track pad until I reach the desired size.  (If I go too far I simply swipe my fingers downward.)  Usually there is a ruler laying alongside the swatch, the swatch size is noted, or a size is given for one of the motifs.  Having a little ruler handy helps here.  Sometimes I will hold the doll up to the screen to get an even better feel for the scale of the fabric.  If I am unsure of the color or would like to see more photos of the print I will go to the manufacturer’s website, Facebook page, or look up the designer.  Most designers have their own social media sites these days (blogs, Facebook, Instagram, website) and you can see alternate photos of their fabric collection.

Here are a few photos from some of my new fabrics.

fabric 232

fabric 230

fabric 231Can you tell that I LOVE fabric?  My motto (and this is why I have too much) is that if you fall in love with a certain fabric don’t hesitate because it will all be gone in no time.  And, probably the biggest reason of all as to why I have too much fabric is that I always try to get free shipping.  Who wants to pay for shipping when that cost could go for more fabric, right?  LOL

Hope you enjoyed the newest additions to my ever expanding fabric stash.

If you have any online fabric shopping tips that you’d like to share, please do, I’d love to hear them.

Bye for today!