Daily Archives: September 17, 2015

This and That…

3 pumpkin dresses 961My tiny pumpkin dresses are all finished.  There are two for Amelia Thimble and Izzy, and one for Fairyland’s Pukipuki.  I still have to write website pages for them.  They will probably be available for sale one at a time, so stay tuned.

an autumn rose 090Talyssa got her bangs cut yesterday.  I was looking at photos of her on Pinterest (I’m not sure who to credit with the photo) and was captivated by this photo of her with bangs.  I think it makes her look a lot younger, and cuter.

spider 080Who likes spiders?  I like that they are good for the garden, but I find them creepy, to say the least.  I looked out the window yesterday evening and in the middle of a 3′ x 3′ (at least) web sat this HUGE spider.  After I took the photos, I went back out with a ruler, he was gone.  I am guessing him to be about an inch long, the biggest that I’ve ever seen.  Anyone know what kind of spider this is?  My daughter and husband couldn’t believe how close I had to get to him to take this picture; I didn’t have a zoom lens on my camera, so he was about a foot away from the camera!

September is National Sewing Month and the only things that I have sewn this month are three pair of tights!  Sew… I am going to sew today!  I need a dress to go with the Christmas sweater and hat that I have been working on.

Bye for now!  Hope you have a great day!