“Rosy Cute” for Pukipuki

Little Sugar pestered me today and asked me if it wasn’t about time that her new dress be put on my website.  It seems that the Little Darlings and Penny have been getting all of the attention for the entire month of January.  Hmm… I wonder how long before the other girls will be in an uproar too.  I had better start making things more fair around here.

Without further ado, here is Sugar looking as sweet as can be.  Her tiny dress is hand knit with a lace weight tonal alpaca/silk yarn and embroidered with rosy roses, plum floral sprays, and tiny white buds.  She even has a little bouquet just for you.

rosy cute 730

rosy cute 987

rosy cute 744

rosy cute 745

Sugar loves cuddling with her favorite stuffed animals; they are so soft and cozy.

rosy cute 740

For more information on Sugar’s “Rosy Cute” dress, please visit my “Shop What’s New” page at cindyricedesigns.com.

Sugar says, “Thanks for visiting my friends.  Bye for now.”  ❤

5 thoughts on ““Rosy Cute” for Pukipuki

  1. Joy

    Sugar’s dress is amazing as usual. You are the master!
    Must sew, must knit, must crochet, must, must, …ahh Wish I had more time and wasn’t obligated to other things. We look up to you!
    Must think of other things. It’s our daughters cats birthday tomorrow!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy,
      Happy birthday to your daughter’s kitty. Is she getting a can of tuna for a treat? Thanks so much for your kind comments. I know that it can be so hard to find the time for making things when life gets in the way. Sometimes I find that scheduling creative time works for me.

      1. Joy

        According to our daughter, she and our 3 grand kiddies (real, not cats) are making Lucy a cat cake to celebrate. Unsure of the ingredients?

  2. Catherine

    Sugar is lucky to wear such a pretty dress!
    Congratulations for your wonderful work!
    Have a beautiful sunday.
    Here, it’s raining…

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Catherine,
      It is raining here too, and very foggy; it’s not a pretty day, but a cozy day to be indoors. Thank you so much for your continued support and compliments of what I make. You are so sweet!


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