What’s Penny’s Best Look?

I have found with my dolls that there is alway a specific hair color and/or style that most often looks the best on them.  There are exceptions, of course, but I find that after I’ve had a doll for a time, I find her “look”.  I’m still searching for Penny’s look; I’ve only had her for a few months, so it’s still early.

This morning I tried multiple wigs on her with her new crocheted cap.  What do you think?  Any standouts?

This is the wig that I first put on her to take her photos wearing her new outfit.  It is a Kemper Giselle mohair bob in Medium Brown.  Gina (my Little Darling) wears this wig often as she looks best as a brunette.

pastel sweetie 143

This is Gina’s favorite wig; another Kemper mohair wig in light brown, called Hannah.

pastel sweetie 189

This mohair wig by Kemper is called Tomboy and the color is auburn.  It is a strange wig (I think), but looks cute with a hat.  Gina looks cute in it too.  You can see her here.

pastel sweetie 194

This Kemper mohair wig is called Raven and is in carrot red.  It is very silky and very red. I think Penny looks great as a redhead; the strands of mohair on this wig are way too long for Penny though.  I could always trim it if it becomes Penny’s best look.

pastel sweetie 198

I like Penny as a blonde too.  Here she is in the Giselle wig again, but in the pale pale blonde color.

pastel sweetie 280

Hmm, what do you think?  Maybe I need to buy more wigs?

Let me know if you have a favorite.

Bye for now!

29 thoughts on “What’s Penny’s Best Look?

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Penny,
      That curly wig always gets to me when it works, so adorable. It definitely needs a hat edge where those wispy tendrils can curl around. Thanks, Pennie.

  1. Jane Miller

    I don’t usually go for blonde, but I love the pale blonde on her…it brings out her facial features and eyes. The dark longer wigs seem overpowering. Sweet girl! I have found some awesome wigs on the doll store site, Denver Doll Emporium, especially the Leekeworld brand. Lots of sizes and colors/styles. Just so ‘ya know.

  2. Mary Koile

    Oh, your Penny is a doll! I like the Raven wig on her, red looks great and you could always trim it if needed. Her outfit is to die for gorgeous………. Soft and sweet!!!! ❤️

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Mary,
      I DO love her as a redhead too! I think I will end up giving that wig a trim. Red hair doesn’t always go with every outfit, but when it does I love it! Thanks, Mary!

  3. Joy

    The Giselle wig in the pale blond is my favorite! Penny is so fair in color that she can wear that wig perfectly. It also showcases your lovely pale knit and blue dress too. As I study the other colors/styles, it looks like Penny can wear most any of them and look great. I wonder how she would look in the french braid look with tendrils/braids? Not that you need to purchase more wigs.
    P.S. That little crocheted white hat with the flower is so sweet.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy,
      It seems that most of the wigs got votes, so I guess Penny CAN wear many looks, lucky girl. Gina’s first wig had the french braid at the back; that braid stayed in place for two seconds. I start fiddling with everything and it becomes a mess. lol! I put Penny in a wig of braids for her welcome home outfit. It was a Christmas set, and the braids looked perfect with the Santa hat. I probably will purchase more wigs. Can you ever have enough?! It’s nice that the Little Darlings wear the same size as Penny, so it’s a “smart” purchase, or that’s what I tell myself. Thank you for the compliment on Penny’s little cap.

  4. practice925

    I like the mohair bob in brown. A smart look for her. I had no idea of this aspect to your doll adorning! So cute!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Heather,
      Yes, most collector dolls come with removable wigs. There are tons of wigs out there in all different sizes. Also, the ball jointed dolls (BJD) give the owner the ability to change out the eyes too. Thanks, Heather.

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