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Cozy and Warm Inside

Unlike the east coast, we are having a calm weekend.  It is cold outside, but not terribly so.

Friday, I spent the day finishing up all three of the Little Darling dresses I started on Thursday.  It took me well into the evening, but I was determined to get them finished.  They will go with the lilac and pink mohair, and the pink wool sweaters.  I still have to decide on a fabric for the white sweater.  Too many possibilities for that one.

01-21-16 018

01-20-16 925


I made a pot of tea (Orange Ginger Mint) on Saturday and got to work embroidering the lilac mohair sweater.  At first, the colors weren’t working out as I though they would, so I had to make some changes; I think I got them figured out.  Today I hope to get the left side of the sweater embroidered with a mirrored image of the right side, and maybe finish up the outfit.  We’ll see…

ginger mint tea 022

ginger mint tea 024

When I returned from my three weeks in Florida I found my begonias blooming and two of my orchids also in bloom.  My husband had also added a vase of tulips to the dining table.  I love to have flowers inside in the wintertime, don’t you?

begonias 038


orchids 033

begonias 039

tulips 025

Bye for now!  Hope everyone is staying cozy and warm!

“Feelin’ Love-ly” for Penny

Here is my newest girl modeling her second ensemble that I’ve made for her.  It’s a cozy sweater dress set made with one of my favorite colors of wool.  The color is a warm pink heather with subtle hints of plum and red orange, so I brought the colors of plum and peach into my embroidery.

Today, Penny is a blue-eyed blonde, so innocent and sweet.  And, she has a bouquet for you.  Would you like to accept it?

feelin' love-ly 993

feelin' love-ly 012

feelin' love-ly 997

feelin' love-ly 926

feelin' love-ly 998

For more information on Penny’s “Feelin’ Love-ly” sweater dress ensemble, please visit my “Shop What’s New” page at

A “Winter Garden” for the Little Darlings

I enjoy creating my own embroidered gardens during these cold winter months.  The flowers in these gardens will not get frost bite when the winter winds blow.

winter garden 972

Gina’s cozy winter dress is hand knit with bright pink Peruvian Highland wool.  This a-line style fits her perfectly to show off her cute little girl dolly self.  The embroidery on this dress is mirrored, so the right and left sides are the same, but opposite each other.  At the hemline you’ll find a tiny rose bouquet at the center of the skirt with mirrored rose motifs on either side.  I embroidered roses in two pink families, one warmer pink than the other.  Lavender-like sprays, white buds, and greenery add more color to Gina’s garden.

winter garden 961

winter garden 945

winter garden  841

“Winter Garden” for the Little Darlings is available on my “Shop What’s New” page at