“Pretty in Pastels” for Gina

I decided to dress Gina in my next pink pastel ensemble, Lucy had the honors wearing pink the last time.

pretty in pastels 320

The day I took the picture of this sweater was a beautifully sunny day and provided the most perfect backdrop of color.

pretty in pastels 336

pretty in pastels 298

pretty in pastels 323

I think this is the tiniest print I have ever seen.  I bought it in all four color ways.  This is my favorite and the first one that I’ve used so far.

pretty in pastels 303

For more information on Gina’s “Pretty in Pastels” ensemble, please visit my “Shop What’s New” page at cindyricedesigns.com.

7 thoughts on ““Pretty in Pastels” for Gina

  1. Cindy Rice Post author

    Thanks so much, Catherine. I couldn’t believe how tiny this floral print was. It’s absolutely itty bitty! Hoping you have had a very nice weekend.

  2. Joy

    That tiny print is so sweet. Love the dress, sweater, and the hair accessory. Goes so well with the outfit and Gina too. This outfit is pretty versatile. Valentine’s day, Easter, or just spring. So many cute little props would work with it I think. Perfect on this spring day here in CA.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy,
      Lucky you to have such a beautiful day! We actually had a rather warm day (and sunny) here too, no complaints coming from me. The snow is almost totally gone. The crocuses are about an inch tall, very early for them. Thank you for the compliments on Gina’s new ensemble. I love pastels. Have a nice week!

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