Another Little Sweater Dress…

I made Penny another little sweater dress.  This time it is in a yummy purple shade which reminds me of fuchsias and orchids.  It is a bright color, but not gaudy or garish.  This color is a medium dark shade, so the natural color of the wool probably tones it down.  Anyway, it is one of my Peruvian Highland wool pinks/purples that I am in love with, and it looks beautiful on Penny with her carrot red mohair wig.

I ended up trimming this wig down quite a bit, and it’s still long.  I love it on her now; it’s very soft, shiny, and luxurious feeling.  If you want to read about this wig in an older blog post, click here.  Isn’t she cute?  She’s waving hello to you.

pretty in purples 344

For the embroidered bullion roses I chose paired shades of lavender, cool pink, and pink.  This color yarn looks beautiful with lilac and bluish violet.

pretty in purples 349

pretty in purples 381

pretty in purples 345

For more information on Penny’s “Pretty in Purples” sweater dress ensemble, please visit my “Shop What’s New” page at

8 thoughts on “Another Little Sweater Dress…

  1. Joy

    Penny is absolutely adorable in that color. Who would have thought, the red hair and fuchsia. And with your lovely embroidery, her eyes almost look lavender. Striking photo. Stopped by Joann’s this afternoon and what did I bring home? Of course, more fabric. But, only 1/4 yds. Maybe that makes it ok. HA HA

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy,
      It’s definitely okay if it’s such a teeny tiny bit of fabric. One quarter yard barely costs a thing and takes up the tiniest bit of space. lol You must be making dresses for little dolls.
      Thank you for the compliments on Penny’s new sweater dress. This color looks amazing with a carrot red wig!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thanks so much, Jevne. Yes, I am. Do you cross stitch? I started out putting together a few kits, then Janlynn did some for me. Mostly I designed and self published the patterns. I haven’t done anything new since 2002. I had fun designing floral patterns, it was like painting with thread. My biggest seller was a bouquet of pansies. The first printing run sold out and I had to reprint it, which almost sold out too. That design won a Coats and Clark Golden Needle award (almost 20 years ago, I think). What a surprise that was! I had to give an acceptance speech and everything.
      That was a fun trip down memory lane; don’t think about those days much anymore. Thanks, Jevne.

      1. Joy

        It would be wonderful to see a post on some of your cross stitching from the past. And congrats on your award, although a bit late. 🙂

      2. Jevne

        I happened to see one of your kits for sale on ebay, Cindy, so then I went searching and I found LOTS! Yes, I used to cross stitch many years ago. When I first started in the mid-70’s I ordered kits from Denmark because they were all I could find. So I’ve done a lot, but never designed any, just played with it for a couple/three years, then moved on to something else. Your florals are beautiful, I’m so happy I found them. Another dimension of Cindy Rice! Is there more art hiding out there that we don’t know about? Inquiring minds……….

  2. Catherine

    I love purple and Penny is so beautiful with her new dress!
    I wish you a good week!
    Here, the wind is blowing very hard.
    Warm regards.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Happy blustery Monday to you, Catherine.
      Thank you so much for the compliment on Penny’s new sweater dress. It is keeping her cozy and warm and brightening up my sewing studio. I hope your weather improves, so your flowers can continue to grow.


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